Zombie Diary 2 APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Diary 2
App Name Zombie Diary 2
Genre Action
Developer Mountain Lion
Size 18.7MB
Latest Version 1.2.5
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

Zombie Diary 2 is an upgraded version of Zombie Diary. Many features have been added and much improved in this version. The gameplay will essentially remain the same as Part 1, but publisher Mountain Lion has introduced more weapon systems and significantly increased the game's power.

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As one of the outstanding zombie games on mobile devices,Zombie Diary gives players a very personal and interesting feeling. Get Zombie Diary 2 for Android right away to discover something fresh and different from the first installment.


Introducing Zombie Diary 2

The zombie-related mobile games have never been hot in the hearts of the audience because this topic is still highly popular across all fields and is warmly received by the gaming community.  Zombie-related features have been added into a lot of games because players really enjoyed fighting them. For instance, tactical zombie games like Plants vs. Zombies and Zombie Tsunami or zombie shooting games like Last Day on Earth: Survival and Into the Dead.

Now, let's discuss Zombie Diary 2: Evolution. Despite being around for a while, this game consistently ranks among the top mobile shooters. The core of this game is similar to survival games in that you must battle and eliminate zombies in order to survive, rescue the world, and ensure your safety. To effectively kill zombies, you must carry enough weapons and supplies, move deftly to the left and right of the screen, and employ firearms. You will gain bonus points and experience for every victory.


The Plot

Zombies that are furious and ravenous can be found anywhere in the world. In these chaotic times, there are a rising number of zombies, and they always find ways to harm humans, turning humans into their accomplices.

However, as one of the fortunate survivors, you will be confronted with a position where thousands of pounds are hanging due to a scarcity of food and weaponry. Right now, you should continue to gather weapons and make plans to save the world by eradicating all the zombies.

Comparatively to other surviving zombie game genres, the plot of this game  is also quite familiar. Perhaps the publisher wants to highlight it more with gameplay and features.

Fight with Zombies

You will assume the role of heroes to put an end to the spreading zombie epidemic. However, instead of just appearing in front of you as usual, zombies now also appear from both sides and attack you. Therefore, you must maintain a high level of concentration and control the character to defeat both sides. Although the gameplay is difficult, it will undoubtedly leave gamers with a fascinating sense and a fresh experience.

You have a wide variety of guns and numerous different arsenal. Grab your weapon, engage the zombies in combat, and fight to the death. When you kill every zombie, you will receive gold coins and diamonds. You can use the gold coins to improve your equipment or upgrade your weapons.

Based on the match, you should select the most important three items to take away. When you kill a monster, items on its body will fall to the ground. Pick it up and utilize it for your upcoming missions.


Advanced Weaponry

You can choose from more than 30 different sorts of weapons, such as a gun, knife, hammer, and baseball stick. There are many different kinds of weapons available to you, but guns are the only ones with the greatest destructive power and the ability to kill zombies at a distance. The main thing in this situation is that you need to be aware of the strengths and promote the strengths of each gun and use them when necessary. Every sort of pistol will have its own advantages and limitations.

Diverse Character System

The game's characters are highly varied, and you can pick any of them at will. Each character has unique benefits and special abilities that will, to some extent, make it easier for players to eliminate all zombies. Depending on the task to be performed, you need to choose the character accordingly. 

Additionally, you can use gold coins and equipment to strengthen your character’s health, armor, and speed as well as boost special skills.

Graphics and Sound

The fantastic graphics and sound quality in this game draws gamers in. Despite being a mobile game, the gameplay has excellent graphic quality, and even the smallest features have been carefully and authentically crafted. 

The sound of shooting and zombies is the most realistic and vivid sound in the game, providing gamers a more dramatic and thrilling experience. Players are also given a sense of excitement and suspense by the game's background music.


Zombie Diary 2: Evolution should not be missed if you enjoy zombie video games. You'll realize why this game is so adored and consistently ranks among the most popular shooting games once you've played it. Playing Zombie Diary 2 right away to join the exciting struggle with striking graphics and gameplay.