Subway Surfers mod apk 3.21.0 (Unlimited Coins/Keys)

Subway Surfers
App Name Subway Surfers
Genre Action
Developer SYBO Games
Size 157.3Mb
Latest Version 3.21.0
Mod info Unlimited Coins/Keys
Update October 14, 2022 (1 years ago)

Let your summer vacation become more dramatic than ever with endless rail chases in Subway Surfers MOD APK. You will transform into Jake, a naughty boy who paints on a train and is discovered by the railway guard. You will have to control the boy to run away from the aggressive guard, overcome the obstacles on the track, and successfully escape.    

Download Subway Surfers Mod apk for android

Subway Surfers hack apk is one of the most successful Android games from Kiloo Games. The game has now received over 1 billion downloads from the Google Play store, an astounding number and the best proof of the game's global appeal. It inherits the gameplay of famous games like the Temple Run series. However, Subway Surfers has more impressive graphics and a series of interesting special features to make your endless racing experience more attractive and fun.


Interesting plot

Not just an ordinary race, the game of Kiloo Games will help you experience an interesting story revolving around naughty Jake. Jake is an elementary school student, and while on his summer vacation, he decides to do some mischief, drawing graffiti on the train cars. Unfortunately, the guard finds out, and he's determined to catch Jake to teach him a lesson. That's when you will have to rescue Jake from the fearsome guardian through an endless race. 

You will have to face a continuous change of objects on the train on the journey to escape from the pursuit of the guard. As long as you are distracted and lose focus for a second, you will hit obstacles and be caught by the guard. Therefore, you need to be sharp, flexible, and really focused on escaping the pursuit of the security guards and helping Jake escape safely. 



You need to understand the game's control mechanism to help the naughty boy safely run away. Jake will run forward continuously during the race, and you will use finger swipes to help Jake dodge obstacles. Players can swipe up to help Jake jump, swipe down to help Jake land, or swipe left or right to move Jake to one of the game's 3 train tracks.

Subway Surfers owns addictive gameplay. Players will always want to reset the game after each failure to avoid making the same mistake and get a higher score. Since then, your level of gaming will increase. You will become more and more familiar with the ever-changing obstacles in the race, more and more responsive and agile, and more and more high-scoring. You can compare in-game rankings with your friends to see who is the best track athlete in Subway Surfers. 

Support items

The main obstacle is the most important element in the game. They are incredibly diverse. You can face stationary trains, trains running in the opposite direction, strange obstacles on the tracks, water pipes, and more. The longer you survive in the race, the more the speed and difficulty of the race will increase, and the more obstacles will appear. Therefore, you will need the help of special tools to help you escape. 

There are many tools to help Jack run away and get more gold. Jetpack will help you jump into the sky for a while, Coin Magnet will create a magnetic field that attracts the coins around without having to pick them up directly, sneakers will help you run faster and jump higher, and especially the hoverboards, which allow you glide on the tracks and make you immortal for 30 seconds. 


Many funny characters

The game provides a diverse character system, so you don't get bored while exploring the train line. Except for Jake, you can control more than 20 various characters with different looks and features. These characters will be designed to be extremely funny and fun for players to have the most relaxing game experience. For example, you can unlock Dino dinosaur, Fresh girl, and many other characters. 

You need to complete the levels in the game, collect gold, and use them to buy characters. Once you own a character, you can upgrade them to enjoy changes in appearance, skin color, and effects during the race. 

Hoverboard System

Hoverboards are one of the special tools to help you race better. Using these hoverboards will help your character no longer run, but they will glide on the rails. More specifically, these tools will give you an extra life if you accidentally hit an obstacle. In addition, some special hoverboards will help your character learn top skills, such as flying into the sky for a very long time. 

Fun graphics and sounds

Subway Surfers is a graphically curated endless chase game. The game's background is designed on a wonderful and realistic 3D platform, combined with bright color bottom images to create a relaxing and beautiful visual experience for players. In addition, the characters in the game are also designed to be extremely humorous, and they will enjoy beautiful and funny skill effects, helping players reduce stress while dodging obstacles. Besides, soft and cheerful music playing in the background also helps players reduce stress and immerse themselves in the game world. 

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular Android games and owns a record number of players. The MOD APK version of the game will help you enjoy unlimited money and unlock all characters, giving you the best game experience. Download this game now, race with your friends to see who has the best escape racing skills, and help Jake escape the guard's pursuit.