World Cricket Championship 3 APK 2.2 (Unlimited Coins)

World Cricket Championship 3
App Name World Cricket Championship 3
Genre Simulations
Size 806.6Mb
Latest Version 2.2
Mod info Unlimited Coins
Update August 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

World Cricket Championship 3 is the sequel to World Cricket Championship 2 - the world's top 1 baseball game on mobile. World Cricket Championship 3 elevates the excitement with realism in mobile cricket with cutting-edge gameplay features, brand new controls, multiplayer features, pro commentary, cool animations, recordings of real-time movements of professional cricketers, and artificial intelligence.

world cricker championship 3 mod apk

Being a virtual professional player

Players have to choose their team and arrange for the members to play positions on the field. The referee will decide the priority of the coin attack. When attacking the opponent, you control the batter and try to get the ball into the opponent's three pillars. For each such success, your team will receive 3 points.

You have to control the players in many different positions such as Pitcher, Runner, and Batsman. If you can keep the stability, the ball is passed correctly. Otherwise, you will lose the ball and go back to defending. In World Cricket Championship 3, there are few opportunities for mistakes, slowness, or inaccuracies, as each match consists of only three short rounds.

Build and manage your own team

This is a new feature in this World Cricket Championship 3. It will be great to be a captain, manager, baseball player, and coach for your own cricket team.

In general, victory is made up of part of the player's control skills, the rest is based on the players - who directly interact with the ball on the field. They can run faster, make a better pass or throw and be stronger if their abilities are good enough. If you want to improve the quality of your players, go to the upgrade section.

You will be able to receive player upgrade cards to improve the abilities of each member of your team. Or you can create professional batters who can focus on pinch-hitting, slogging, quick singles, or stabilizing innings.

You can make their team members lightning-fast search and reflexes, versatility, and flexibility can lead your team to victory more easily. Moreover, you can display your team's personality with a variety of colors and jewelry items.

world cricker championship 3 mod apk

Compete non-stop and reach the top

League of Champs is a competition that will test your skills and compete against other players around the world for supremacy. You need to try to win above all and conquer a super competitive leaderboard for even bigger rewards. Continuously participating in seasonal challenges and regular contests can lead you to a more glorious peak and bring you great entertaining gaming sessions.

A system of 50 badges from “Vulnerable” to “Godly” will be a reward to honor your team as well as show your team's strength to other players.

Besides, try to play and win a lot to win exciting rewards and booty in Kits. The rewards are categorized as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Your Legendary rewards will surely make other players crave.

Last but not least, the game also has a multiplayer mode for you to unleash against other players in the most intense way possible.

Sharp graphics

World Cricket Championship 3’s graphics are designed on a 3D platform, as the second version has shown. The characters and matches still appear realistically with cheers and expressions on the faces of each member of the team. The viewing angle has changed a bit. It has moved out a bit further so you can cover a larger area.

The same goes for the game's homepage design. You can drag side to side to discover new game modes, features, and events. In particular, the background screen is a picture of the team members together.

World Cricket Championship 3 won’t make you disappointed

World Cricket Championship 3 is a whole new way to play cricket on mobile devices. New features are constantly added and developed making the game the best mobile cricket gaming experience you can get anywhere. The gameplay has been improved, allowing players to control the members of the squad at each different playing position. Now, the experience of Cricket sport has become much more realistic