Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk 6.3.6 (Free Shopping)

Vegas Crime Simulator
App Name Vegas Crime Simulator
Genre Action
Developer Naxeex Ltd
Size 107.3Mb
Latest Version 6.3.6
Mod info Free Shopping
Update October 03, 2022 (12 months ago)

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK is a crime game based on the famous GTA series. Players will experience the violent and bloody gangster life in the modern and dangerous Vegas city. You will transform into a great villain, looting shops, stealing cars, destroying all the police, and killing anyone you like as they encounter you along the way.

This game creates a special impression when its idea goes against the usual shooting games. There aren't any hostage rescue missions that need to be done, there aren't any real enemies you have to destroy, and no armies are trying to invade your country. On the contrary, you will become a notorious criminal who wants to assert his name in the Vegas underworld by performing arbitrary crimes without following any rules. 

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

Vegas Crime Simulator is released by Naxeex Ltd and takes the idea of ​​​​the dark world of gangsters in Las Vegas, a city famous for crime. The game will simulate the world of crime in a highly realistic way, with terrifying shootings aimed at civilians and police and daring robberies taking place during the day. Due to the inherent violence, the game is warned not to be suitable for players under the age of 18.

Scary Crime Spirit

Set in Vegas, home to the world's biggest casinos and notorious gangsters, you'll play as a madman on the streets and do whatever you like. You can freely loot and kill without any consequences. Everything you can imagine about your evil side but can't do in reality is possible in this game. Therefore, it brings stress relief to players.  

There are no limits to your extravagance in Vegas Crime Simulator. You can freely walk the city, explore the beautiful sights, fight with civilians, intimidate and challenge the police, and even kill them. Of course, you are a notorious crime boss, and no one can harm you. 

The violence is the thing worth mentioning about this game. Although it is entertaining, you must stay awake while playing. What you do in the game is definitely inhumane behavior, and you should never do it in real life. Always remember that the sole purpose of the game is entertainment. 

Familiar Gameplay

If you have ever played the game series of the famous GTA series, it will not be too difficult to get used to the control system of this game. The small map in the left corner of the screen will show you where you are in the city, and you can rely on it to find the place you want to cause trouble next. The navigation keys will be located in the lower-left corner of the screen, while the buttons on the right will allow you to customize the weapon and attack whoever you like.  

Various Weapons And Vehicles

As a crime boss, you have a long list of weapons to choose from and attack others. These include pistols, rifles, machine guns, bombs, and more. Of course, your targets are only civilians and police with little firepower, and you will easily destroy them without heavy weapons. These powerful weapons can be used to blow up a building and large structures. 

Moving vehicles are also an exciting part of the game. You can freely loot any vehicle you like, from bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and racing cars to specialized vehicles such as tanks, fighters, and helicopters. What makes any vehicle you like to explore beautiful natural places is the part many players love. 

Level Up Your Danger 

The more dangerous crimes you commit, the more your crime level will increase through the number of stars in the game. This number of stars shows your criminal class. Gradually, when you own a certain level of stars, the game will increase the difficulty of the tasks that you have to perform. Now you are no longer a weak gangster who just wants to bully civilians, but you will become a crime boss with the pursuit of the national police force and fight with police robot warriors, which are used by the Ministry of Defense to kill hazardous criminals.  

Upgrade Weapons And Equipment

Of course, the more missions you complete in the game, the more rewards you will receive. You can use these rewards to purchase heavy weapons and increase your lethality. You can also practice improving your character's fighting skills and help you easily overcome the police siege. 

Besides, the game store also offers items with unique functions to make your crime process more enjoyable. You can buy magical wings, which let you fly like a superhero, Super Kick that lets you shoot with the superpower to attack others, or the ability to climb walls to help you traverse terrains and make a spectacular escape when surrounded by police on all sides. 

Impressive Graphics

Compared to other smartphone games, Vegas Crime Simulator's graphics are at a good level. The images in the game are designed to be sharp, meticulous, and true to every detail. That will help you feel the criminal world in Vegas in a great way, and the action you perform looks like in Hollywood blockbusters. 

The game uses a third-person perspective. As a result, you will explore the city and carry out battles more pleasantly. The viewing angle is also expanded to give you a better view, thereby quickly carrying out your criminal acts. 

Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK is a great entertaining game that helps you relieve stress in life. The MOD APK version will give you unlimited money to comfortably shop for items and heavy weapons, making your journey to becoming a crime boss easier and more exciting. Download this game now to enjoy the feeling of being the great villain in Vegas.