Teaching Feeling mod apk 2.6.1 (MOD No key)

Teaching Feeling
App Name Teaching Feeling
Genre RPG
Developer Nutaku Studio
Size 869.3MB
Latest Version 2.6.1
Mod info MOD No key
Update November 09, 2022 (1 years ago)

Teaching Feeling is an extremely attractive 18+ game with profound human values. The game owns a simple but attractive storyline. The gameplay is just a way to choose different action options but still brings many great experiences for players.

In Teaching feelings APK MOD, you will find the plot as engaging and complete as a love novel. You in the game play the role of a doctor and are presented by a patient with a maid named Sylvie. However, before going to the doctor, the girl spent many months suffering from mental and physical wounds. The player's main task is to talk to the girl and help her heal. Gradually, because of your kind and sincere actions, she develops real feelings.

Download Teaching Feeling MOD APK

Teaching Feeling is a creepy 18+ game developed by RAYK. Before that, it was also known as Life With a Slave and Dorei to no Seikatsu. Currently, this game only supports 2 operating systems, Android and PC. 

Are you feeling lonely? Are you looking for a slave for yourself? Do you love the 18+ game series? Download Teaching Feeling MOD now to experience what it's like to heal someone.


Easy Plot 

Teaching Feelings APK is built with a concise, easy-to-understand plot, the purpose of which is to help players easily understand the experience process. You will be transformed into a doctor and given a little girl named Sylvie by a patient you saved in the past.

But before that, she had to go through a series of highly traumatic days with her former owner, and now she is trying to forget those days. The player's task is to care, talk, and try to build trust with the girl. After spending 15 days living in fear, the ending for her is a "love" that many people secretly wish for.

Straightforward But Exciting Gameplay

When entering the world of Teaching Feeling, you will become the main character in the role of a doctor. You have saved many of your patients, including a male patient, and he feels very grateful to you after being saved. Then one day, the same patient gave you a very unexpected gift, Sylvie. This slave girl has had a harrowing past before, and it is your duty to take care of her.

Every day in the game Teaching Feelings, you will be living with Sylvie, and your treatment will affect different episodes in the game. You have 3 options to take care of her: pat her head, talk to her, and touch her body. When choosing 1 of 3, the game will continue to progress in many different directions in which you are the decision maker.

If you speak with Sylvie, you will notice that her health is deteriorating and that the past psychological stress appears to have knocked her down. The old owners tortured Sylvie daily and entertained it. Chemicals were spilled on her, resulting in scars all over her body. Prove you're a decent employer by assisting her through her nightmare.


"Head patting" doesn't signify anything, and Sylvie has no idea what you're talking about. If you do this repeatedly for a few days, she will feel less insecure and grin whenever you pat her on the head.

And "Touching" will be the initial step in a series of activities motivated by sexy thinking. The game is rated 18+ because you can progress after doing this activity. You are the owner, and the decision is yours. However, in the end, touching her body could lead to rather sensitive actions and worsen her condition.

Change Clothing For Sylvie

If you look closely, you can see that the girl was cruelly beaten by her previous owner. Scratches created by chemicals and sharp things were quite painful for her. However, if you look attentively, you will see that she emits uncommon kindness and beauty. Let's begin by updating her style with the trendiest clothing. 

You will personally accompany her to the strange lady's clothes store and make her selection. There are several clothes in various styles, and you only need to determine what is appropriate for her to wear. You'll be amazed when she looks lovely in fashionable outfits or garments.


Take Care Of The Young Girl

You have no prior experience with this profession. For the first time, you raised a newborn girl and called her boss. An odd sensation, yet one that makes you incredibly pleased. 

Make up for her emotional needs by loving her. Feed her delectable foods from rich and sophisticated stores. Make her feel people's affection and tenderness. These are the actions you should take to make others happy. 

Some Playing Pointers

Even though it was only a game of chance, many players were defeated after only 15 days of living with her. The explanation was that Sylvie became ill and died. So, how do you get through these trying 15 days?

To begin with, never press the "touch" button. Sylvie, as previously said, is naturally frail and in need of assistance. It will be a bad omen if you have feelings for her; Sylvie may become ill and die. Talk to her frequently, touch her on the head, and express empathy. Sylvie will open up to you if you attract a lot of attention. She will volunteer to assist her master and then go out to play.

Teaching Feeling has an intimate column; the score above will gauge your connection to the small girl. Keep Sylvie's wants in mind and intimacy over 50 while selecting options that boost this score. Sylvie will grow well on the 15th day if you continue to treat her nicely. When her intimacy score exceeds 50, pick a remedy for her, and she will survive the first 15 days.



Teaching Feeling is a game with an old-school aesthetic yet quite appealing. 2D pictures combined with scary hues pique players' interest while providing a distinctive element for the game. It's a choice game, so you can pick whatever you like. Act like a gentleman if you came to win the game.

Teaching Feeling APK will enrich your life. It teaches you to be more mindful of others around you while understanding and empathizing with their plight. The game allows you to be more open to many parts of your life. Join the journey of healing Sylvie now and help her overcome her trauma.