Talking Tom Hero Dash APK (Unlimited money)

Talking Tom Hero Dash
App Name Talking Tom Hero Dash
Genre Action
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Size 129.6Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited money
Update August 16, 2022 (1 years ago)

Talking Tom Hero Dash belongs to the series of games My Talking Tom.The gameplay has been updated with many brand-new, more appealing features in this new version. Along with Tom, there are also his friends. However, your main mission is to manage the cats so that they take part in never-ending races, not to raise them.The races will be on the beach, the street or on the skyscrapers, which is a unique feature and very risky.

Download Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK For Android

Every day, a large number of players search for and play Endless Runner games because of their straightforward gameplay and high level of entertainment. If you are one of them, Talking Tom Hero Dash would be a wise decision for you to make. Play this game anytime by downloading it to your Android device right now.


Introducing Talking Tom Hero Dash

Tom's friends were taken away and held in a number of different places throughout the street. Players will take control of Tom's character to search for and save teammates. Talking Tom Hero Dash will continually set up difficulties, barriers, and traps to impede players. You must pay attention to the game's pace and act swiftly in every circumstance. Surmount challenges and nimbly avoid traps on the track.

On this journey, you will come across valuable items, including gold coins and other things. Take control of Tom to collect them all. Try to save as many teammates as you can at the same time. They will assist you in moving closer to your objectives. This game is essentially Endless Runner games with no end in sight. The system will keep track of the distance you cover during each play. That will be the basis for the player's subsequent attempt to beat their own record.

Gameplay Talking Tom Hero Dash 

The player's primary objective in Talking Tom Hero Dash will be to attempt to pursue the villains in order to save his teammates. While moving, gather gold coins so that you can renovate the city that evil cats are destroying.The amount of gold the player earns at the end of each level can be used to upgrade, remodel the city, or open treasure chests to find useful items.


The running track in the game will be divided into 3 distinct lanes with a plethora of obstacles, just like in other Endless Runner games. In order to guide Tom in the right direction, help him avoid obstacles and collect gold coins with other support items, players will need to carefully control Tom by dragging left or right.

To get the most bonuses after each level, players must try to advance as far as they can. A unique feature of Talking Tom Hero Dash is that while on his quest, players will come across obstructive cats. In order to teach these criminals a lesson and earn more bonus points, players must position their cat Tom to face these criminals.

Character in Talking Tom Hero Dash 

Players have a variety of character options to choose in the game. The journey will be more interesting because each character has a unique set of skills.To unlock preferred characters, players use the money they earn in each level. 

No matter how many characters you have, you can only select one at the start of the game. Because the others will be taken prisoner by the enemy and held in the city. You can alter the characters' looks however you want. The publisher has continued to use Tom characters in designs that are similar to earlier versions in terms of images, gestures, actions, etc.

Features in Talking Tom Hero Dash 

- Players will most readily recognize the map as a modified premium feature in this version. The architecture of the running track is very majestic, and the colors are more striking. The landscape also changes as you travel along the road at different times. 

- In Talking Tom Hero Dash, players must also fend off thugs,  improve their city and rescue their teammates. The thugs can be chased away and the devastation they cause can be restored by using gold coins.

- There will be a few unique support items along the player's running journey to help the player earn more gold and also speed up Tom's movement. One can mention special items like the Gold Bag, Magnet, Shield, etc.  

Graphics and Sound

Bright colors are used in the game's graphics, the characters are beautifully drawn and extremely funny. Additionally, the surrounding colors will change as the context progresses to make the game less monotonous and more engaging.


The background music in Talking Tom Hero Dash has a medium-fast tempo and jovial melodies that give the game an intriguing feel. The game screen has been made more attractive and interesting by the sound effects used throughout, such as sound when eating gold coins, demolishing walls, or engaging in combat with thugs.


In overall, Talking Tom Hero Dash has straightforward, recognizable, and incredibly entertaining gameplay that is appropriate for players of all ages. This is a game that you should not miss if you are a fan of Tom's cat.