Talking Tom Gold Run mod apk (Much money)

Talking Tom Gold Run
App Name Talking Tom Gold Run
Genre Action
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Size 110.0Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Much money
Update August 18, 2022 (1 years ago)

My Talking Tom is a well-known game that gives you an intriguing sense when caring for and playing with your pet cats. However, as needs change, gamers begin looking for fresh subjects more alluring. As a result, Talking Tom Gold Run was released and rapidly rose in popularity among players.

Download Talking Tom Gold Run MOD APK For Android

The game of unending running is undoubtedly not new. However, Talking Tom Gold Run still adds a unique color to provide a variety of experiences in contrast to earlier games. If you have a special affection for the adorable cat Tom, you should not overlook this Talking Tom Gold Run version. To participate in this journey and other exciting adventures, download it right away on Android devices.

talking tom gold run

Introducing Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless running game in the vein of Endless Runner. This section of My Talking Tom's narrative explains how you can make money for the character. Players will get pumped up about this never-ending pursuit with the main plot of Tom the cat needing to recover the money that was taken. You will have a lot of difficulties when moving at a fast speed, which requires timely reflexes to not have to play again.

In addition, you have two tasks to complete: control the character to get through obstacles and simultaneously gather gold coins that bandits have left on the route. You can reclaim Tom's fortune with the aid of a variety of tools along the way. You will receive assistance in a variety of ways. While the challenge gets more difficult, use them as tools to lighten the load. The speed automatically increases faster and faster, just slowing down a little Tom can be collided right away. Friends who are always willing to lend a hand when necessary include Angela, Shark Hank, and Super Tom. Let's assist Tom in acquiring his gold and triumph together.


You would have tried the My Talking Tom minigames, they are undoubtedly incredibly simple and straightforward to play. Based on that foundation, Talking Tom Gold Run's infinite runner gameplay makes it slightly more challenging to play. Help cat Tom pursue the gold thief's car by doing only basic actions on the screen, such as moving left and right or jumping up and down. Bandits have put up a lot of barriers to get you to give up on your objectives. Maintain your composure, control Tom during the most difficult challenges and use assistive equipment when appropriate.

Pay attention, there are many obstacles along the path, including vehicles, fences, and retaining walls, etc. Use your flexibility to maneuver around them to prevent Tom from falling and forcing you to restart. Tom needs your assistance to gather the gold coins that the thief's automobile is continuously leaving behind.The thief's car is always littered with gold coins on the way, so help Tom collect those precious coins.

Graphics in Talking Tom Gold Run

Tom's appearance is still really adorable even though the gameplay leans a little more toward the action genre. You can still clearly identify Tom as the pet cat you formerly knew. Tom, however, has grown up and is no longer only waiting for you to take care of him. With powerful images in graphics Cat Tom continues to have special qualities that are unmatched.

Fascinating Events

Talking Tom Gold Run is lively and booming with numerous significant events on big international holidays. Every holiday, such as Halloween or Christmas, offers unique activities. Discover Winter Wonderland and enjoy New Year's together. Along with that, there will be a variety of premium and exclusive gifts to outfit Tom with costumes and several other things.

Daily Mission missions are still available, though, and you may still earn a ton of fantastic rewards. The goal of finishing the objective is to collect enough gold to construct Tom's dream home.

Features in Talking Tom Gold Run

On occasion, special items will occur on the track. In a short period of time, it will helpTom quite a bit. For instance, the helmet strengthens Tom, preventing him from falling when he encounters an obstacle.

You will lose a lot of money each time you upgrade Tom's house. However, you will receive benefits with each upgrading.Upgrading a new home will unlock several fascinating new worlds as well as brand-new, breathtaking running routes.

The most special thing when upgrading the house in Talking Tom Gold Run is playing the game with numerous friends, including Angela, Ginger, Ben, and Hank.

You can obtain numerous treasure chests filled with incredibly valuable things after completing each mission.


Playing Talking Tom Gold Run is a great way to entertain at any time or place. In this well-known game series, you will come across many different game modes. To discover a variety of new challenges with Tom, let's begin playing right now.