Sweet Crossing: Snake.io APK (Unlimited Money)

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io
App Name Sweet Crossing: Snake.io
Genre Casual
Developer Moonton
Size 93.5MB
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 13, 2022 (1 years ago)

Snakes of prey is a classic title game with countless versions and variations.In particular, Sweet Crossing, which features similar gameplay but gorgeous 3D graphics and a vast array of varied critters that players may command, promises to excite gamers.

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Many players are already aware of the game Sweet Crossing, which is a haven for fans of adorable animals and cute things. Compared to the previous well-known snake version, Sweet Crossing claims to be more prosperous. Install the game on an Android device to enjoy all of its amazing features.


Introducing Sweet Crossing

Snake hunting game mechanics are arguably too familiar to us. Making your snake longer and larger by consuming targets along the route or taking out other players is all that is required.

In Sweet Crossing, on the other hand, where adorable things are highlighted, everything is new. Instead of snakes like before, players now have a selection of adorable pet characters to choose from. On the map, there are bright, delectable candy marked as hunting targets. You could see that visiting Sweet Crossing is like visiting a paradise of pets and sweets.

Players of Sweet Crossing also love the game's straightforward and incredibly smooth movements. Simply moving your finger will put your pet on a quest for delectable cakes or defeat your adversary by having them collide with your snake. When you defeat an adversary, several sweets will be dropped, this is very desirable loot that will help you score more points.


Gameplay Sweet Crossing 

Sweet Crossing is very close to the classic Snake game in terms of gameplay simplicity. However, in Sweet Crossing, the player will command the pets to gather food instead of directing the snake.The player's goal is to gather as much food as they can to feed their pet and increase their score in order to win.

The number of points and the size of the pets will grow with each food collection. Players will need to move and gather food deftly to avoid running into other pets' tails. Because even a slight contact will cause the gamer to suddenly lose.

However, if your pet is big enough, the player's agility can completely encircle them and find a way to cause other players to collide with one another, which will destroy them. The player can gather the tails of other players after they have been killed in order to grow and lengthen their own tails.


In Sweet Crossing, controlling is also very easy. The option to employ acceleration will be available on the right side of the screen, while navigation will be handled on the left. Each match will consist of a hunt for 10 players, and the reward each player can earn following the match will depend on their rank up to that point.

Pets and associates

Players can acquire, select, and use a variety of pets in Sweet Crossing. If they are fortunate, players will earn lucky chests and have the opportunity to obtain random pet shards after each round. The quantity of parts needed to create a whole pet varies depending on rarity.

Additionally, if you've had pets but have extra pieces, you can upgrade them to get more weight and speed by using the extra pieces.

Each match's tail is obviously essential which displays the pet's size, strength, and number of points. Players can use gold coins to adjust the shape of their tails and make them more attractive in addition to gathering food to make their tails longer.

Features in Sweet Crossing

Sweet Crossing's area resembles an island that is suspended in the air. The island, which has a very wide width, is home to a wide variety of edibles in all shapes and colors. Pets can be controlled by players and moved around the island. Avoid touching the island's edge, though, as doing so will lead the player's pet to plummet to the ground and cause an immediate failure.

On the island, in addition to food, there are also special support items like magnets, which can absorb food, lightning, which lowers the amount of points needed to travel swiftly, and shoes that improve movement speed.

Graphics and Sound

Bright colors and beautiful pets are used in the game's aesthetics. The playground, which has green grass as its dominant hue, helps draw attention to the vibrant foods that are incredibly eye-catching. The effects of the pets eating the bait, moving, or destroying the adversary are all quite fascinating.

The background music for Sweet Crossing is at a moderate tempo and has a cheery theme. Each match's sound effects are full of excitement in every little detail, including audio for devouring prey, employing acceleration, and applying skills.


A fantastic option for short, light entertainment needs is Sweet Crossing. The game induces a sense of relaxation, yet its unexpected scenarios make it no less exciting, intriguing, and alluring. Sweet Crossing is a game that you should download and play if you enjoy easy gameplay combined with some tactical features.