Swamp Attack APK (Unlimited Money)

Swamp Attack
App Name Swamp Attack
Genre Action
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Size 143.1Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 13, 2022 (1 years ago)

If the action games of hunting and slaying monsters have grown so accustomed to you, why don't you try switching to a different type of play, sit still, and wait for them to come?  The game you're looking for, Swamp Attack, will be the best option for you and it also has incredibly intriguing home defense action.

Download Swamp Attack MOD APK For Android

You are living a tranquil life in a home in the middle of a lovely swamp when all of a sudden, some wicked zombies assault your home, and of course, you will do everything in your power to safeguard your home. A fantastic shooting game called Swamp Attack will undoubtedly transport you to the funniest and most thrilling battle.To experience this new gameplay, download the game right away on Android devices.


Introducing Swamp Attack

The opening scene of Swamp Attack features a man sitting in front of a house,listening to soothing music, rocking back and forth while holding a rifle in his hand. With your rifle in hand, you will shoot and kill the first herds of crocodiles that attack your home, quickly disrupting the tranquil setting. 

In the early levels, the player merely uses a gun to shoot crocodiles and collect their money. After that, you will encounter tougher creatures as you advance in level, initially they go slow, then their speed becomes faster and faster, making you unable to keep up.

It appears that as you go through the levels,you will unlock more enemy types and the weaponry required to defeat them. In it, which has more than 35 distinct sorts of creatures, not only monsters that come close can attack you, but also monsters that attack you at a distance.

Swamp Attack has more than 300 levels and 8 distinct sections, so you'll constantly feel like the game is fresh and exciting. You can discover healing potions at some stages to use while taking down creatures.

Gameplay Swamp Attack

In Swamp Attack, players take on the role of an elderly guy who lives close to a sizable swamp. He encounters unexpected visitors from the swamp every day, including animals, monsters, and other creatures. The player's job will be to assist the elderly man in driving out those unwanted visitors.


The gameplay of the game is quite straightforward, requiring only a few taps on the touch screen to target and kill the monsters you need to fight.

Players in Swamp Attack have access to a wide variety of weaponry. Through levels, users can earn money to spend in the shop on new weapons. Players may also modify their weapons to make them shoot more powerfully and reload faster.

To aid defeat the creatures more rapidly, the player can also equip supplemental weapons and support supplies like cannons, grenades, in addition to the main weaponry. Furthermore, in order to slow down and stop the ferocious beasts in the marsh area in front of the house, the player can also create barriers there.

Game Modes

You can experience Quick Missions in addition to the main play screen, and these engaging quick missions can help you make extra money. Before starting a match in Quick Missions mode, you must randomly spin the main and auxiliary weapons, the better you are, the more money you will win.

In Swamp Attack, there is also a multiplayer mode that enables players to engage in conflict and combat with other players in addition to the overcoming mode.

Features in Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack has a  vast number of levels that get harder as you progress. The swamp's monsters also steadily get tougher and more varied.

You start the game with just one shotgun, which limits your arsenal somewhat; however, as you progress through the levels, you eventually get access to a wider variety and more potent arsenal. You can unlock a good number of weapons, utilize them creatively, and switch between them conveniently right on the game screen. 

In Swamp Attack, gold coins are a crucial component that you must actively collect. You will mostly acquire gold coins by slaying creatures.

To be able to upgrade weapons, purchase auxiliary weapons, and update defense equipment to assist your house have more blood, you must attempt to win against higher, stronger, and more powerful monsters.

Graphics and Sound

Bright colors and incredibly hilarious cartoon designs are used in the game's graphics. Swamp Attack is essentially non-violent despite being a shooting and action game. Especially even though they are monsters, they are nevertheless quite cute and do not appear frightening at all.


Swamp Attack's soundtrack is fast, casual, and extremely playful.The level-specific sound effects are very  engaging. When fired, each weapon in the game emits a distinctive bullet sound that gamers find intriguing.


Action game Swamp Attack is incredibly cool and exciting. Although not gunplay, epic equipment, or stunningly lifelike 3D graphics, Swamp Attack offers pleasure and leisure. Those looking for a casual action game to unwind in their spare time will find this game to be a very good option. For having amazing entertainment, try the Swamp Attack right away.