Summertime Saga APK 0.20.13 (Cheat Menu)

Summertime Saga
App Name Summertime Saga
Genre Entertainment
Developer DarkCookie
Size 845.6MB
Latest Version 0.20.13
Mod info Cheat Menu
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

Summertime Saga MOD APK is a game of the visual novel genre that promises to bring you an interesting experience for your summer vacation. The game will let you play the role of a college student on his summer vacation. You will spend a memorable vacation with him with unexpected stories and hot girlfriends. Given the 18+ nature of the game, it's labeled as NSFW and is intended for adult players only. 

Summertime Saga MOD APK

Summertime Saga was created by Kompas, a famous publisher for adult games. In this latest release, Kompas has created a quality dating game for adults, where you will play the role of a teenage guy just entering the university lecture hall. You will experience his unique life, the tragedies he has experienced in the past, and hot dates with the glamorous girls he meets. A lot is going on in this tumultuous summer, and you'll discover everything.



Although it's an 18+ game, this game still has a pretty thrilling storyline. Our main character goes through a challenging life, where his family falls apart. His father divorced and married another woman, leaving him with a stepmother Debbie and a step-sister Jenny.

Tragedy occurs when the protagonist's father dies, and the protagonist has to move to a suburban area to live with his stepmother. At this time, he discovers that his father has given the gang a sizable amount of money, and he is forced to work extra hard to pay for his father's college tuition and debt. That's when unexpected things happen to his life. 

Funny Gameplay

Although the plot does mention criminal gangs, that's not what the game focuses on. Summertime Saga is in the visual novel genre, and you will only focus on interesting stories revolving around the normal life of the main character, like other college students in the city. However, that ordinary life is not boring when the main character goes through quite a few challenges in the relationships revolving around him, and you will have to overcome these unexpected challenges to help the protagonist have a better life.

The world of the game is extremely large, with more than 30 different locations to explore in the city. Besides, the game offers more than 60 characters, creating a life with a lot of interesting relationships revolving around the main character. The characters you meet in the game will be the key to opening you up to new information and exciting conversations, and they will give you quests to complete.


The Memorable Summer Vacation Of The Lucky Student

The world in the game begins when you wake up in your messy room. An active summer morning begins in an unbelievably depressing way when you'll immediately meet your step-sister Jenny. She is always annoyed with you and always makes fun of you. After the conversation is over, the next character you meet down the stairs is your stepmother Debbie. She says she found you a part-time job for the summer, tending the garden for Erik's family, the friend you met in college.

Next, you will start work at Erik's house and accompany him to school after finishing the cleaning. However, the challenge begins when Principal Smith invites you to meet her. She said that your score is too low, and you need to take additional courses to improve your score to graduate quickly. 

This is where the game really begins. Our main character will go through interesting and funny stories during the course. Despite the rather pitiful situation, throughout the game, our main character is always a lucky guy. He keeps meeting hot girls everywhere he goes and will spend memorable dates with them. 

Exciting Game Modes 

The game offers two exciting modes you shouldn't miss. The first mode is Clean, the primary mode of the game. Here, you will complete the stories related to the main character's life that the game offers. You will interact with the characters in the game through conversations, thereby solving problems in the complex relationships that the main character

There is a note for you when playing this mode, it is very necessary to remember the conversations. Characters will sometimes ask you back about things that happened in previous conversations, and answering correctly will help you get rewards from the game. 

The second mode is called Cheated. This mode is necessary for those not interested in the game's plot as it skips most of the dialogue and goes straight to the essential scenes of the game. This mode will save more time but removes most of the game's fun. 

Beautiful Graphics

Summertime Saga brings an impressive visual experience to players. Playing the game makes you feel like you are enjoying an animated movie. The entire scene of the small town in the game is simulated with bright colors, which makes the game's overall atmosphere more positive. Besides, the characters also have elaborately built-in appearance, making them more beautiful and making players not feel bored. 

Download Summertime Saga APK 

Summertime Saga is an interesting visual novel game for college boys who like to dream. It helps you have more valuable life experiences through the characters you meet in the game. However, please ensure you are 18 years old when playing because the game contains some sensitive images.