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Spaceflight Simulator
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Developer Stefo Mai Morojna
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Exploring the universe has long been a great human desire since we became aware of our loneliness in this vast galactic world. Since the Russian astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, made the historic first space flight in 1961, we have made remarkable strides, from Neil Armstrong's Moon landing to images of Mars captured by NASA's rover in recent years.

However, the rest of the universe remains a big question mark for astronauts and scientists. It will take a very long time to explore the Solar System and its mysteries. If you are a person with a passion for space exploration, you will have to overcome many challenges to become a member of NASA. Even so, there is a much simpler way for you to experience that feeling, which is to play Spaceflight Simulator.


Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK

Spaceflight Simulator is a spaceflight simulation game from developer Stefo Mai Morojna. You will transform into a rocket scientist, invent your own spaceship, and fly into space to freely explore every planet you want to visit.

The game provides quite accurate physics compared to reality, and that will help you experience the work of astronauts in the most realistic way when exploring galaxies located millions of light years away from us. shining. You can visit the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and even the Sun.

Create Your Own Spaceship

Before exploring any planet, you need to build, design, and build your own spaceship. You will have to work to the detail of each different part of the complex structure of a spaceship, such as an engine, the Command Module, the hull, the Fuel Tank, the Titan Engine, the RCS Thrusters, the Docking Port, and many other factors.


As a scientist, you will have to carefully calculate each part's use, energy, and function to ensure your spacecraft operates smoothly and efficiently. Assembling many parts will give your ship more options to operate in space and explore more things, but it will make it move slower and use more energy. Needless to say, running out of fuel is the worst thing that can happen to you during space exploration. So make sure that never happens.

To calculate and use fuel efficiently, you can place fuel tanks scattered in space to refuel your train when it arrives at these stops instantly. Besides, you also need to calculate the path to match the rocket's fuel, arrange the spaceship's compartments reasonably to conveniently connect to the fuel compartment when needed, and handle various problems that arise on your journey in space.

Although it sounds complicated, the game publisher has tried to simplify everything related to rocket science knowledge to help you have the most understandable but still close to reality experience. . Thanks to that, any player can enjoy Spaceflight Simulator easily without having to have extensive knowledge about space and spaceships.

Easy Controls And Interface For Space Exploration

Once your spaceship creation is complete, you're ready to begin your journey of space exploration and planetary conquest. However, this process also requires the player's care when the spaceships have a very complex structure, and you need to know the ship's operating system to limit possible incidents. out.

At first, you will slowly accelerate your spaceship and gradually move into space. Once at a certain height, you will have to remove the engines that have completed their mission to help you take off and enter space with a smaller, less fuel-efficient propulsion system. Once you have found a suitable planet to explore, you will need to use the landing system properly to land on safe planets.


The game's control mechanism has also been simplified to the maximum so that players can easily navigate and perform operations on the spaceship. During the control of the spaceship, every button is available on the screen so that you can adjust the flight route of the spaceship properly. Also, the game provides an option for you to slow down or fast forward. speed up the flight of spaceships.

Explore Mysterious Planets In Outer Space

In the game, you are free to explore any planet you dream of. However, each planet will have different characteristics, and you need to keep in mind parameters such as distance, gravity, atmosphere, temperature, and more to be able to adjust the spacecraft. and landed safely.

After landing, you need to do some missions of the game. These missions will become more difficult as you land on planets that are more distant and have more complex characteristics. The rewards after completing the missions will give you more money to upgrade your spaceship and go to further places in the universe.

Realistic Graphics and Physics

The game uses 3D graphics technology with the most accurate research against reality. As a result, you will feel the spaceships, planets, and everything else in the game like a real astronaut. During the spacecraft construction, the compartments will be meticulously and sophisticatedly designed. Meanwhile, the distance and graphics in space are also realistically simulated to create the most enjoyable experience possible for players.

Download Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK for Android

Spaceflight Simulator is an excellent game for those who love to explore space and dream of becoming an astronaut. Its MOD APK version will unlock all rockets and spaceships for your creative freedom. Download this game now to quench your thirst for space exploration.