Soul Knight mod apk 5.4.8 (Unlimited Gems)

Soul Knight
App Name Soul Knight
Genre Action
Developer Chillyroom
Size 815.8Mb
Latest Version 5.4.8
Mod info Unlimited Gems
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

Soul Knight is a bullet-heavy rogue-like game created by ChillyRoom Inc. in 2017 for Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch. This game was inspired by Enter the Gungeon, a popular game of the same genre. The extremely easy and intuitive controls, smooth and enjoyable gameplay, and randomly generated worlds will keep players captivated for hours at a time. Explore each dungeon, collect unique weapons, dodge bullets, and shoot down your enemies!

Learn Gameplay Mechanics Before Dungeoneering

The key objective of Soul Knight is to clear as many levels as possible by vanquishing enemies to obtain the Magic Stone, the item marking the completion of all levels. For each playthrough, there are 15 levels that a player must pass to win the game. If a player is killed before clearing all floors, then he/she will lose and must restart from the beginning. However, it is possible to use gems, free trial vouchers, or advertisements to revive oneself once and continue the journey.


Before starting the game, a player must choose a character to control for the upcoming playthrough. In the Living Room, players can interact with various characters and objects, often providing buffs or bonus starting gold, to prepare themselves. Once sent to the first level, players can defeat enemies using weapons and character skills. Slain enemies will drop energy, which is needed to use most weapons, and gold, which is used to purchase new weapons. If a character sustains damage, they will lose a certain amount of armor, which regenerates over time if the player is able to avoid damage for at least 5 seconds. After losing all armor, the player’s health will be affected and, once health reaches zero hit-points, the player loses and must restart unless the option for revival is available.

A Plethora of Characters to Choose

Players can interact with and choose characters in the Living Room. Soul Knight currently boasts 24 playable characters ranging from Engineer to Priest to Robot and so many more. Each character has a unique set of stats, skills, starter weapons, and skins, or aesthetic cosmetic items, and can be leveled up to provide bonuses such as permanently increased health, skill cooldown reduction, and bonus energy for using weapons. Some characters can be purchased using in-game gems rewarded through gameplay while others must be purchased using real currency. While there are two-dozen characters available in the game, each player will start with the Knight and most likely earn gems to unlock the Rogue afterward.


- Knight: The Knight is the first playable character and thus requires no unlocks. He has one of the highest health of all characters, making him hard to kill, and his energy is average, making him very suitable for new players who must learn to balance weapon usage with energy consumption. His primary skill, Dual Wield, allows him to use a second copy of his currently held weapon for a short duration, doubling his damage output at the cost of doubled energy usage. The main drawback of playing the Knight is that he lacks evasive maneuvers to avoid damage.

- Rogue: The Rogue is unlocked at the cost of 2,000 gems, making him the cheapest character to unlock in the game. Although he has one of the lowest armor of all characters and average energy, he has the second highest melee damage and critical chance, and has evasive skills. His primary skill, Dodge, allows the Rogue to roll forward and dodge all enemy bullets, which aid in his survivability. Additionally, during the duration of the roll, he will avoid damage from traps, lasers, and debuffs, while still being able to attack enemies.

Venture Together

Soul Knight offers multiplayer gameplay, allowing players (up to 4) on the same Wi-Fi network to join forces and traverse dungeon levels as a team. While the levels are scaled to be more difficult, players can coordinate character selections to comprise a balanced team and also have the ability to revive each other within the dungeon. In this mode, all enemies will spawn more frequently and have increased health, a 50% increase for each additional player. It is critical to coordinate attacks, skills, and movements as a team to overcome each level or else the game will be lost.