Shoujo City 3D APK 1.3 (Unlimited Money/ Free Purchase)

Shoujo City 3D
App Name Shoujo City 3D
Genre Simulations
Developer Shoujo City
Size 152.8MB
Latest Version 1.3
Mod info Unlimited Money/ Free Purchase
Update September 13, 2022 (1 years ago)

An anime dating sim called Shoujo City 3D blends the gameplay of shoujo visual novels with an exciting city-exploring adventure. The game centers on anime culture and is situated in a virtual, 3D version of Tokyo. You'll have your own special anime girlfriend during game play, and you will have exciting experiences with her in this virtual world. 

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Download Shoujo City 3D MOD APK For Android

A game called Shoujo City 3D was created by Shoujo City and made available for Android devices. This Shoujo City 3D Game is accessible for download right now, and it has more features than many other game genres on the market to help you unwind and have fun. It will also assist you feel the game's entire plot by the rhythm is neither fast nor sluggish.

Introducing Shoujo City 3D

You may fully immerse yourself in the world of Japan's capital with the help of the Shoujo City 3D Mod's landscape. You'll transform into a Japanese animated figure. The realistic 3D graphics of the game set it apart from competitors and make you fall in love with it. What do you think about living as yourself while immersed in the world of animation?

In addition to being able to operate your own 3D character, you will have the ability to customize the character you want. With the mechanics or rewards of the game, you will feel very lucky when you are immersed in an extremely top game.The game also brings warmth since it helps you to connect with other players.You'll be able to date and even get married in-game, much like in several recent games.

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You can build your own character at the start of Shoujo City 3D, and your girlfriend will remain in your lives. With so many options, you may make a variety of characters with various appearances,from height to face and you can name your character and your girlfriend. Your responsibility is to take care of that girlfriend, do your best to get her heart so that you can become each other's half.

Activities in Shoujo City 3D

First off, let’s talk about cosplay. You will transform into your favorite characters like Conan, Luffy, Naruto or many other characters. In Shoujo City 3D, you will have more fun than you can imagine.It can be cosplay events or many other events waiting to be discovered by you. With the same mechanics as daily activities, you will have more games.You will undoubtedly feel entertained and relaxed playing these games. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to shop in this anime world, which is something you have always wanted to do but have not been able to.

Secondly, you are free to purchase as many cosplays as you want and modify them as much as you like in your inventory. The game also offers a variety of modes for players to unwind after a demanding workday. For young people, the experience of the game is extremely suitable, they can participate in many sports activities such as tennis, running, playing ball,etc. You can also take part in activities like singing and playing the guitar. Since it is a role-playing game, playing it doesn't take up a lot of time and is quite simple.

Finally, we are all aware that making someone a delicious meal is the finest method to win their heart. You must learn to cook in order to make your anime girlfriend fall in love with you. Use recipes and ingredients to create a wonderful and appealing meal.

Graphics in Shoujo City 3D 

Shoujo City 3D Mod is a really exceptional game on today's mobile platforms thanks to the addition of 3D graphics. Players are given the impression that they are fully immersed in the most vibrant animated world possible thanks to the surroundings and the sounds. However, in order to play this game smoothly, you will need a good configuration device because the graphics are rather stunning.

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Features of the Game Shoujo City 3D

- You can date a lovely girlfriend in the way you want.

- Shop for apparel, accessories, grub and treats.

- Cosplay and give your character lots of fashionable attire and accessories.

- Every gamer will have a unique girlfriend with benefits and drawbacks.

- The congested, active city of Tokyo is faithfully shown in 3D graphics.

- Many elements, such as vending machines, street signs, and cuisine, demonstrate contemporary Japanese society.


Do not wait any longer to start your own romantic love story by downloading this captivating game. You may expect to feel a lot of brand-new, thrilling, interesting, and incredibly fascinating things thanks to Shoujo City 3D.