Shadow of Death 2 APK (Unlimited Money)

Shadow of Death 2
App Name Shadow of Death 2
Genre Action
Developer Bravestars Games
Size 226.6Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 07, 2022 (1 years ago)

Shadow of Death 2 is an action role-playing game from Bravestar Games publisher. This game will continue its previous version for players to continue the battle with the world of darkness and bring light to the kingdom of Aurora.

With simple 2D graphics highlighting the fierce battles in the dark, you will transform into Maximus, the kingdom's knight, to fight and destroy all enemies. If you love fighting games with good graphics and less capacity, this game will suit your device.


Continuation Of The Story When The First Part Ended

For a fighting game, the plot is also an attractive factor for users to choose to play. Unique storylines will add proper motivation to the characters as they fight and carry out their missions. In this game, the plot will be played to continue the ending of the previous version, where the country of Aurora was utterly destroyed.

Darkness is covering the entire city, with hideous monsters everywhere to threaten the people's peace. The king is greedy for power and no longer cares about the country's future. Against that backdrop, all hopes were placed on Maximus, with his superb fighting skills. The people looked forward to the arrival of Maximus, who could bring light to the kingdom that was on the verge of destruction.

However, our knight doesn't seem ready to take on this responsibility. Waking up with erased memories, the main character can't remember who he is. The only person close to him to care for him is a young girl, but she was also kidnapped by the bad guys at a time when he was defenseless. Thus, Maximus must wander with his wounds not yet healed, wielding his legendary sword, fighting all the monsters he encounters in the small hope of finding the girl he loves.


You will help the poor knight fight to protect the peace of his country and, at the same time, rescue the benefactor who saved his life. Defeat all the dangerous monsters that stand in your way with great displays of skill to bring light back to the kingdom of Aurora.

Simple Control Mechanism

There is nothing complicated in Shadow of Death 2's console, and players can quickly get used to it. On the left side of the screen, you can see a virtual joystick so you can move your character and dodge your opponent's attacks. On the right side of the screen are skill keys such as jumping, launching, and dashing. Combine your moves properly and get away from your opponent's attacks, so you can unleash combos with massive damage and gain a significant advantage in battles.

High-Speed Gameplay And Two Exciting Game Modes

The battles in Shadow of Death 2 will occur at extremely high speed, with the moves launched continuously from the opponent. You will have to move flexibly and fight with maximum concentration to preserve your health if you do not want to be defeated by them. Not only that, the later levels go, the challenges will become more apparent when your opponent creates more damage, and you can ultimately be defeated after just a few moves. Therefore, train your fighting skills hard to become the strongest warrior.


Two game modes remain the same from the previous part of the game: Adventure and Challenge. Adventure mode will open up various chapters of the story, where you can uncover the darkest secrets of the kingdom's demise and increase Maximus's power in damage and stamina through the rewards you get for completing quests. However, it's a pity that the Challenge mode is being updated, and you can expect the exciting experience of challenging other players in the game's next update.

Beautiful Weapons With Great Damage

After defeating powerful monsters, players will receive new equipment and money to buy them directly from the shop. That equipment could be legendary swords or armor sets that the strongest warriors in history used for their battles.

Weapons are also divided into different levels to describe their strength and rarity. If the player owns Legendary level weapons, the character's strength will increase significantly, and you can defeat the enemy with just a single slash. In addition, these high-quality weapons also possess beautiful movement effects so that players can admire them whenever they use a special move.

Stunning Graphics

Although the game's background is quite dark to match the theme, the beautiful and impressive movement effects will make the battle scenes fascinating. 2D graphics are also an intelligent choice from the manufacturer to not distract players in battle scenes with many enemies.

In general, the graphics of Shadow of Death 2 are pretty realistic, with the moves being described smoothly and the main character's fighting skills being quite real. Furthermore, with its small size, this game proves to be perfect for those who are looking for a fighting game for low-profile mobile devices.

Download Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK for Android

The game is an excellent follow-up to its predecessor, with the addition of new moves along with a few weapons and character costumes. The gameplay with high speed and the fierceness in the battles remain the same to ensure the experience for players familiar with the previous version. If you are interested in this game, you can try its MOD APK version with unlimited money so you can immediately use the most powerful weapons and unique costumes for Maximus.