School Girls Simulator mod apk 1.0 (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

School Girls Simulator
App Name School Girls Simulator
Genre Simulations
Developer Meromsoft
Size 72MB
Latest Version 1.0
Mod info Unlocked/Unlimited Money
Update October 05, 2022 (11 months ago)

Pack your bags and head back to high school with School Girls Simulator. However, that is not all. This game will turn you into a spoiled student with many interesting things around you. In addition to fun activities with friends in class, you can create more drama by fighting zombies that intend to invade the school or kill a stranger on the street with the system. weapons that the game offers. Of course, you have to do these things in silence because once caught, you will have to suffer very serious consequences.

Introduce School Girls Simulator

School Girls Simulator is an action role-playing game published by Meromsoft in 2017. Despite being set in a Japanese school, the game includes extremely violent gameplay and is rated 18+.  This game is considered a realistic simulation of school life, but with a new perspective and a bit more disruptive than real life.


Participating in this game, you will be playing the role of a high school girl attending a strange school in Japan. Every day, you will have to do mandatory work such as going to school, preparing books, and wearing nice clothes to school. In addition, you will also have to fight against zombies posing as students in the school to protect your friends.

However, you can disable this component via the switch in the main interface if all you want is a typical college experience, like taking part in events, studying, hanging out with your sisters, and going shopping. Remember that even in default mode, you are still permitted to use violence by beating other students, but you must avoid crowded areas or be expelled immediately.

Enjoy The Diverse Mission And Action System

Each character in School Girls Simulator has a name, a role, and access to individual chat. You can improve your relationship with your pals by complementing them or giving them gifts. Additionally, if you successfully "confess" your feelings to the person you like through SNS, you will become romantically involved. Even the same sex and the opposing sex can be "kissed." There are no rules for this game in particular. If you want to, you can date every student in the school and create a dazzling harem kingdom. Furthermore, the Kick feature determines whether or not your class is violent. If you enable "Kick," you can attack anyone if they make you uncomfortable.

To guarantee that nobody notices you are breaching the law, you should carry out the violent conduct in a place that is calm. Because the guards or another group of thugs will punish you if you are accused. You lose as a result of that and have to start over.


However, you can challenge yourself using the quest system to make it more exciting if class teachings or boring talks with pals are getting on you tired. This system will provide you with various lucrative tasks and benefits for making other purchases. In essence, they are pretty straightforward, such as taking your seat in the lecture hall, buying candy, kissing someone, aiding a friend in defeating her foes, or eliminating 100 zombies.

Customize Your Character To Become More Stylish

In School Girls Simulator, you can customize the character according to your taste and style. Parts that can be changed include outfit, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, ears, and height. Besides, you can use the money to buy other cute outfits or accessories such as glasses, bracelets, hats, socks, etc.

However, this game only offers some free items for each category. If you want to add more income to your collection but don't have enough money, you have to choose from the store on the right side of the screen, then watch ads to get it for free.

Alternatively, you can change your gender into a boyish-looking schoolboy if you're too bored playing as a schoolgirl.

Scary Zombie element

In fact, the highlight of this game is that it offers a theatrical and exciting Zombie mode. You can freely turn this mode on and off on the game's main interface. When you turn it on, zombies will appear and harm other classmates. From there, your task will be to hunt down and destroy them.

These zombies are powerful, and you cannot use your bare hands to fight them. So the game has provided a collection of powerful weapons for the player, including knives, axes AX and magic sticks. In particular, the magic stick has more power because it can spit fire and cause the enemy to lose more health.


However, you need to be careful to avoid killing innocent people because the zombies will not be in their scary form. Instead, they will transform into other typical students and roam around the school. The sign for you to know who a zombie is will be in the exclamation mark above each person's head. Once discovered, you must take that zombie to a deserted area and kill it.

3D graphics and vivid sound

Although School Girls Simulator has unimpressive 3D graphics, it does a good job of portraying its true-to-life issues of school violence. You will see that the images are also drawn in great detail, and animations have also been added to create an impression of each character's attack.

Besides, the sound system of this game is also not overrated when it does not provide any special elements. You will also only hear the familiar repetitive background music and meager effects sound. However, this game will satisfy those who do not like to be disturbed by the noise of the sound during their feature experience time.

Download School Girls Simulator Mod Apk for Android

School Girls Simulator Mod Apk is a fun simulation game that allows players to relive high school with fun friends. In addition, things will get more and more interesting as you start to dive into the game. You can rebel, fight, and protect the school from zombies or become agirl killer through the exciting role-playing gameplay it offers. Download this game to your Android phone for the best hours of entertainment.