Real Gangster Crime APK 6.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Real Gangster Crime
App Name Real Gangster Crime
Genre Action
Developer Naxeex Studio
Size 113.7Mb
Latest Version 6.0.3
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 12, 2022 (1 years ago)

In the action game Real Gangster Crime from publisher Naxeex Studio, you take on the role of a brash gangster who would do anything to succeed financially and defy the law. The immersive gameplay and constant action in this game will keep you interested for hours. It will be helpful if you become one of the criminals to survive in this city. To do that, you will have to equip yourself with combat skills and weapons to defend and attack in a world full of dangers.

Introduce Real Gangster Crime

In Real Gangster Crime, you will experience the feeling of being a real gangster with realistic graphics and a detailed game world. You'll find a ton of challenging tasks and exhilarating action here. You must finish each task using all your criminal skills if you want to develop your career and become a crime boss.


In addition, you must arm yourself with the best vehicles and weaponry to live. You will also need to collect allies to aid your mission simultaneously. But becoming a kingpin comes at a very hefty cost. You will have to make difficult choices that will impact your reputation and relationships. Therefore, in this perilous world, choose carefully and intelligently who you can trust because your choices will have a big impact on how the game turns out.

Become A Notorious Crime Boss

You must begin with small crimes in the hazardous and lawless metropolis of Real Gangster Crime before moving up to the top echelons of the underworld. To do this, you must complete several missions for cash, such as robbing a bank, hiring a killer, eluding the police, and other things. This game can be classified as a strategy game with RPG elements. However, it is added with a third-person shooting mechanism to destroy enemies. Players are expected to have an enjoyable experience thanks to this unique gameplay.


You will go through a criminally active metropolis divided into various districts, each of which has a unique challenge. As a result, finishing the game's chores will take a while. You will also uncover allies and tools to aid you in your search.

Additionally, it is wise to exercise constant caution when navigating the streets because it will be challenging to tell the difference between enemies, allies, and innocent bystanders. Remember that the police will definitely be your primary adversary in this crime-based game.

Enjoy A Diverse Collection Of Weapons And Vehicles

Of course, having weapons will be a part of your identity as a criminal. You will access various weapons in this game, including pistols, sniper rifles, knives, sticks, etc. However, you must first perform several jobs to earn a lot of money to purchase more potent weaponry. You will have access to an infinite number of advanced weaponry as a result. Nobody or nothing can stop you. Your gang will use those weapons to help them take over the globe.

Additionally, you will undoubtedly fall under the scrutiny of numerous others, including the police, once you develop to become a dangerous criminal. To escape from adversaries and law enforcement, vehicles are crucial. The game's vehicle system is incredibly varied and true to what you see in real life. You can purchase whatever kind of vehicle you like, including a motorcycle, helicopter, plane, or tank. Besides, you are free to run, stroll, or rob any big vehicle on the road. There are a lot of supercars in the game. City automobiles are typically sporty, svelte, striking, and the most expensive ones. Vehicles will get you to your destination more quickly and can also be utilized as lethal weapons.


Become The Most Fashionable Criminal

Even if you are a criminal, you can still become a fashion icon. Real Gangster Crime allows you to customize your character's appearance. You can alter your attire, hair color, and eye by purchasing fashion accessories from the store. You may improve your sense of style and stand out from the crowd in this way.

Level-Up Your Skills & Abilities

You'll earn experience points for completing tasks, which you can use to level up your character and unlock new skills. At the same time, ensure your character's strength, agility, and endurance are constantly at their peak. This is the only way to survive in the dangerous world of Real Gangster Crime.

In addition, you must improve your fighting, driving, and shooting abilities. These skills will help you fight and help you complete your missions more efficiently. Hence, upgrade your skills carefully because it will impact how you play.

High-Level Graphics & Sound Systems

Real Gangster Crime has a design style quite similar to the GTA game with a large map, allowing you to explore the entire city in the most realistic way. A little map is also included in this game so you can view the entire area and spot opponents or risks. You will find this game to have excellent visuals and effects with impressively sharp surroundings. In addition, the objects and characters have excellent designs and are authentic.

This game's high-end sound system allows even greater realism in the criminal world.  You will hear the sounds of gunfire, explosions, and car engines. From there, you'll feel like you're in the middle of a crime movie as you battle your way to the top of the criminal underworld.

Download Real Gangster Crime MOD APK for Android

You can truly experience the excitement and drama of a professional criminal by watching Real Gangster Crime. This game is a terrific option for dull downtime because it has excellent graphics and many appealing features. You will undoubtedly be engrossed in exploring the streets to show your thugs in the most fascinating and enjoyable manner.