Pokémon UNITE APK (Originals)

Pokémon UNITE
App Name Pokémon UNITE
Genre Action
Developer The Pokemon Company
Size 638.6MB
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Mod info Originals
Update September 13, 2022 (1 years ago)

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena, commonly referred to as MOBA, in the Pokemon realm, attracting fans from both the popular franchise and game genre alike, and is available on the Nintendo Switch, and Android and iOS devices. 

Gameplay During Unite Battles

Within each match, known as a Unite Battle, two teams of five Pokemon will battle against each other and neutral wild Pokemon to gain experience, levels, and energy with the ultimate goal of scoring more points than the enemy team. Once a Pokemon is defeated, whether opponent or wild, the player will collect Unite Balls and carry them to the enemy team’s goal zones.

After dispensing the Unite Balls successfully, the player’s team will gain points based on the amount of Unite Balls deposited. The player can heal by standing in friendly goal zones or by scoring any amount of points, leading to the development of tactics for sneaky scoring despite having low health.

While battling, players will level up once they defeat enough Pokemon and can even evolve their Pokemon depending on the eligibility of the species. Leveling up, scoring points, and defeating Pokemon will also charge a player’s Unite Move gauge which, once fully filled and activated, will unleash a powerful skill that can turn the tides of battle. Once the battle timer is over, the winning team is decided by the higher final score of both teams.


Pokemon Roles in Battle

Once players have queued for a match, the selection phase begins. Here, players can select the Pokemon that they wish to play as from a predetermined list and refine their choices based on the choices of their teammates to maintain a balanced team as each Pokemon has a different role. The five roles available in Pokemon Unite are: All-rounder, Attacker, Defending, Speedster, and Supporter. Each role has different base stats and are needed throughout different phases of gameplay.

- All-rounder: These Pokemon can both deal and take damage, and are considered as a hybrid of Attacker and Defender. While versatile in their role, All-rounders are not the best at offense or defense, but can quickly adapt into offensive or defensive roles when the situation requires it. Like a lesser Defender, All-rounders are often bulky enough to lead the team into fights and can harass the enemies with enough damage to drive them back.

- Attacker: These Pokemon specialize in dealing high damage to defeat enemies quickly, but often have low endurance and can be defeated quickly if counter-attacked. Attackers must focus on dealing massive damage from a safe distance, ideally near a Defender ally so they can compensate for each other’s weakness.

- Defender: These Pokemon are incredibly durable and can withstand significant amounts of damage and attacks for their team. They also have great crowd control abilities that can attract and stun enemies, leaving them open for attacks from allies. Defenders are fantastic front-liners for team fights and excellent goalkeepers when enemies attempt to score on friendly goal zones. However, their drawbacks come in the forms of low damage output and low mobility.

- Speedster: These Pokemon are highly agile and can rapidly engage and disengage from fights, making them extremely viable for executing ambushes. However, like the Attacker, Speedsters are also fragile and can be eliminated quickly if dash moves are insufficient. This role also excels in scoring quick goals, which can give the team an advantage in points.

- Supporter: These Pokemon have abilities that give teammates advantages in fights, such as buffs, heals, shields, and stuns. Supporters are rarely found alone as they are naturally weak and must accompany at least one teammate to be useful. This role is essential throughout all phases of the Unite Battle since they can heal low-health Attackers, buff ambushing Speedsters, and stun enemies who are attempting to score points.

Test Your Competitive Edge With Ranked Matches!

If players seek a challenge beyond casual gameplay, they can queue up for ranked matches where players compete to achieve and showcase their competitive ranks. There are six ranks in Pokemon Unite, ranging from Beginner to Master, and winning a certain amount of ranked matches will advance a player to the next sub-level. Players who compete in the Master rank can expect intense, methodical, and extremely technical gameplay during their Unite Battles. After all, they are playing with and against other Pokemon Masters!


+ Android: 5 and later.

+ iOS: 12 and later.

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