Poke Đại Chiến APK 61.0.0 (Unlimited Gold, Diamond)

Poke Đại Chiến
App Name Poke Đại Chiến
Genre RPG
Size 29.3MB
Latest Version 61.0.0
Mod info Unlimited Gold, Diamond
Update August 11, 2022 (1 years ago)

Poke Wars is a type of strategy game with fascinating gameplay. As the name suggests, you will be immersed in great battles with powerful monster squads. In addition, you will have the chance to demonstrate your innate reasoning and math skills here through thrilling matches. Therefore, if you enjoy playing strategy games, this one is worthwhile.

Introducing Poke Wars

With Poke Wars, obtaining Pokemon is considerably simpler if Pokemon Go requires you to travel everywhere. This Pokemon smartphone game has a unique fighting system with 3v3 fights to catch and strengthen your monsters.


Your goal in the game will be to become a Pokemon trainer and find and train top-notch Pokemon. To advance to the Top 1 spot, you must demonstrate your capacity to assemble a legendary Pokemon team and participate in Champion League and Inter-Server battles.

Download Poke Wars MOD APK

Poke Wars will undoubtedly cause players to reminisce on their youth. The game presents the most colorful and authentic Poke world possible with more than 700 monsters, each with unique abilities and effects. Numerous quests and appealing copies are waiting for you. So what are you waiting for if you don't sign up immediately?

The Gameplay is Not New But Still Attractive

Poke Wars' gameplay won't be all that unfamiliar to gamers. Still, the standard game types like gathering Pokemon cards and selecting a team of the most powerful Pokemon to battle. However, as soon as the process of collecting Pokemon starts, you will be in the hands of the character Satoshi. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and other Pokemon will appear in the game.


Despite the turn-based mechanism, the player is not entirely passive in this world but has the right to control everything from selecting a Pokemon to use as an attack to selecting combat skills. Compared to the contemporary automatic mechanisms that many cards games favor, everything is more like a traditional turn-based game. However, this feature sets this game apart from many other card games in general and Pokemon games in particular.

Rich Pet Collection Spoiled For You To Choose

With each level you reach, a new pet will become available. Each will have a distinct fighting style and appearance, so keep that in mind. You can pick and mix them based on strategies to build the most powerful squad.

You may also view your pets' strength indicators in the "Pet Research Institute" function. These stats will steadily improve as your pet is trained and replenished daily. Of course, this meant that their power also rose.

Diverse Quests and Interesting Duplicates

When you join Poke Wars, you will participate in various diverse assignments. Everything from pet training to squad selection to tactical decisions for engaging in bloody combat.

Additionally, the game has other copies that are filled with fabulous prizes. You can join and sweep these duplicates to gather resources for your fighting squad's improvement. That guarantees that you will always be able to triumph.

Sharp 3D Effect

Poke Wars is an unusual instance of a Pokemon game that uses 3D visuals. The game's graphics are up-to-date and meticulously created. The game is nice to the player's eyes thanks to its clear, brilliant graphics and warm, vibrant colors.


Everything in this game also becomes soft, delicate, and charming, thanks to the lovely design language and visual architecture. Additionally, the character system is created in a beautiful Chibi style, and all of the Pokemon maintain their adorable original designs. The fighting and survival skills in the game, though, are also very excellent and feature striking, imposing, and equally stunning visual effects.


In modern video games that use the Pokemon theme, Poke Wars is one worth playing. A product that offers a natural and vibrant Pokemon environment, intriguing content that isn't overly long, compelling gameplay, and high-quality graphics. You will undoubtedly have a wonderful time playing this game. This game is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices.