Plants vs Zombies FREE APK 3.5.2 (Unlimited Coins/Suns)

Plants vs Zombies FREE
App Name Plants vs Zombies FREE
Genre Simulations
Developer Electronic Arts
Size 106.9Mb
Latest Version 3.5.2
Mod info Unlimited Coins/Suns
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

Plants vs Zombies is a legendary PC game from Popcap of the publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS. In addition to Crazy Dave and his floral companions, you will have to contend with hordes of brain-hungry zombies. Create a workable defense system for yourself, combine several different plants, and drive those zombies out of your garden.

Download Plants vs Zombies MOD APK For Android

You are dropped into a world filled with plants and undead in Plants vs Zombies. Except for certain plants with special functions, you will have to fight alone, without anybody else's backing or assistance. This game is unquestionably quite entertaining, so download it right away to Android devices.


Introducing Plants vs Zombies

When it comes to zombies, we immediately think of horror games or fierce survival games. However, in Plants vs Zombies, you will experience a classic defense game with extremely cute character creation.

You will be transformed into the owner to protect the house before the Zombie apocalypse. Each plant in the game has a unique source of power, and they are all attempting to combat the zombie army. Your task is to arrange the position of the plants so that they can defeat the zombies without giving them the opportunity to approach your house. After each level, the zombie force will get stronger.

Unlike previous Tower Defense games, Zombies can appear anywhere to attack you, not moving in lanes like classic Tower Defense forms. For you to be able to defend your own house in Plants vs Zombies, you'll need to be more adaptable and flexible.


Game Modes

Plants vs Zombies has various game modes that give you a variety of experiences and increase your bonus.

Adventure Mode: Each zone in the adventure mode has 50 stages and 5 separate zones (each area contains 10 levels). You will face tasks that get harder with each level, which will vary in difficulty.

Mini Game: By completing levels in adventure mode, mini games will become available. These mini games are based on previous PopCap games.

Puzzle: 18 puzzles in 2 modes give you the opportunity to amass attractive rewards. In the game mode known as Vasebreaker, you can break the pot to find fragments of zombies or seeds to sow. The other mode is Zombie, where you create zombies to destroy the plants.

Survival mode: The second most popular game mode in Plants vs Zombies is Survival. It consists of two levels, normal and hard. Additionally, survival games are set in many locations.

Zen Garden: The place you use to care for the plants you bought before. You can purchase different plots of land to grow more trees, fertilize, water and spray pesticides to grow plants. This is regarded as a mode to help you unwind after a demanding round of defending the house against zombies.


Varied Plants

There will be many plants in your inventory for you to pick from, and none of them are useless. Every kind of tree and plant has unique characteristics. To harness the power of plants, become familiar with their characteristics and employ them properly. Upgrade your crops to make them more robust and zombie-resistant.

When the power of zombies increases with the levels, you need to change the plants to be able to adapt in time. The explosive bomb, the ice cannon, the fire tree, and the carnivorous plant will all be quite useful in situations like this for your deployment.

New Locations

The game publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS has provided players with locations other than revolving around your home garden to prevent boredom. 

Different zombies will appear at each new location, and they will attack you in various ways. For instance, the first levels you will play during the day, but in the later levels you will have to play at night, there is even a cemetery, fog and a swimming pool. There will be more difficulties for you to overcome as well as new varieties of zombies. Therefore, take caution when playing in new places.

Graphics and Sound

The zombies have a wide variety of moves, all of which are interesting and varied. Fruits come in a variety of hues, and each type will have a unique sort of bullet with an intriguing exploding effect.

The game's sound is quite dynamic. From the Zombie language, the plant's sounds are shown very clearly and vividly, giving players interesting experiences.


Plants vs Zombies will be a game you can't ignore with effects of incredibly rich, beautiful plants and entertaining Zombies. Once you start playing, you'll undoubtedly become addicted, this is one of the games that has been around for a while but is still well-liked today.