Pixel Gun 3D mod apk 22.4.0 (Unlimited Money/Gems/ESP)

Pixel Gun 3D
App Name Pixel Gun 3D
Genre Action
Developer Pixel Gun 3d
Size 101.5MB
Latest Version 22.4.0
Mod info Unlimited Money/Gems/ESP
Update August 17, 2022 (1 years ago)

Pixel Gun 3D is a popular shooting action game. The game features a graphic style similar to Minecraft as well as a survival fight genre with first-person and three-dimensional shooting. In the game Pixel Gun 3D, you may choose whether you want to battle as a team or on your own.

Download Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK For Android

In the action shooting game Pixel Gun 3D, you may play in a variety of game modes and compete against millions of other top shooters from across the globe. With a variety of modes and features, Pixel Gun 3D also provides a fair fight. To play this intriguing shooting game, download it right now on Android devices.


Introducing Pixel Gun 3D

In Pixel Gun 3D, players can use their shooting ability to the most extent possible. Your skill will determine how quickly you advance from a novice to a professional marksman. However, there is no such thing as a safe spot. Even if you are inside a home, where snipers cannot shoot you, a single grenade can instantly kill everybody.

Besides, each genre has a lot of maps and 3 different sizes, players can change the battle location depending on their inspiration.The gamer will gain gold and more experience with each victory. The rate of leveling up also increases with experience and the next mode will become available each time you reach a necessary level.

Starting gear for players includes basic weapons and armor. Later, you can update your equipment, get new pets, or purchase costumes using your gold or diamonds.

Gameplay Pixel Gun 3D 

Players can engage in a variety of genres while playing the game such as:

Team fight: Players will cooperate along with 4 other players to annihilate the rival team. Each bout will have more than 3 minutes to fight. The squad that eliminates more adversaries wins.

Battle Royale: There will be two different map types in this mode. In a match, more than 100 players are involved. Players will be in a plane, parachute to the desired location, and grab items to power up.

DeathMatch: There will be a large number of players in each combat. You have to fight by yourself without any allies. Defeat each opponent and take first spot.

Battle Royale is one of the amazing game mode selections that helped Pixel Gun 3D establish a reputation. Following your flight's landing, you will battle 100 other gamers. The winner is the last person still living. Without any teammates, this game mode is challenging.  

Maps for Battles

- There are 35 maps in all for Team Fight, 18 of which are large, 12 medium, and 5 small in size.

- There are only 2 main maps for Battle Royale, Mainland with a large size and Small Isle with a small size, each separated into 2 sides: one for lone players and one for team battles.

- There are 22 maps in DeathMatch, with 8 large maps, 9 medium maps, and 5 small maps.

Numerous Diverse Weaponry

There are more than 200 distinct kinds of weaponry in the game.The most popular weapons in Pixel Gun 3D include grenades, flame guns, snipers, machine guns, and other updated weaponry. By searching for puzzle pieces, you can gather them. However, a permanent item requires a lot of components.

Mini Games

Through ten minigames, you can increase your golds. You can play a few straightforward minigames:

- Racing: where the player must drive the automobile as quickly as possible around the twisting roads to win.

- Arena: All you have to do is utilize the gun to shoot down the advancing creatures. The score increases as you kill more enemies.

Additionally, you can participate in Boss Raids to raise your gold, however you must have high level weapons equipped in order to team up with friends and get to win.

Various Pet Species

You are accompanied by powerful pets throughout the battle. Despite not being as adorable as in pet care games, they are all formidable little warriors. They will assist you to vanquish the adversary. You will have access to the chest each day for roughly 15 minutes at a time in order to receive eggs. Remember to upgrade them and make them stronger to be a good assistant for you.

Graphics and Sound

Despite the 3D visuals, the game is very straightforward and uncomplicated. Fresh colors, simple design and ease of usage. The costume system is extensive and diverse but also equally fun and witty.

The background music in Pixel Gun 3D is exciting and enjoyable, escalating the player's excitement. In the fierce battles, the shooting is realistically and in-depthly described. Display each gun's sound as you use it.


Pixel Gun 3D has a variety of game modes that definitely will not let you down. Additionally, there are a lot of fascinating things just waiting for you to find them. Download now to dive into the Pixel Gun 3D world.