Piggy GO APK 4.0.0 (Originals)

Piggy GO
App Name Piggy GO
Genre Casual
Developer Công ty cổ phần phát triển công nghệ số Hà Đông
Size 348.3MB
Latest Version 4.0.0
Mod info Originals
Update October 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

Piggy GO is a fun and addictive Monopoly gameplay-based game for players. You will join the fun pig journey with the dice you roll, and become the pig to finish first and win the game. The game will help your funny pig travel through all the famous destinations in the world and promises to bring players the most entertaining and relaxing experience. 

Introduce Piggy Go

Piggy Go is a fun and entertaining dice-based pig control game. The game has created a global buzz with more than 12 million downloads from the Google Play store after only 3 months of release. The rules of the game are extremely easy to understand and intuitive, making it easy to get used to the gameplay. You will control your pig based on the number of points from two dice, try to get into essential boxes on the map to earn more points, and finish first to win.


Besides, the game also allows you to use the gold earned through the locations you pass to upgrade your buildings, like the Monopoly game. You can choose to build buildings in locations you already own, elevating them to collect fees from opponents when they enter your facilities. However, the game's unique feature is that it allows you to destroy your opponent's buildings. This will definitely increase the competition and fierceness of the game when you play it with your friends. 

Control Your Pig To Visit Everywhere

The race to the finish line will be the focus of the game, and you will try to control the pigs as far as possible with one roll of your dice. The pig will move with the corresponding number of points from the two dice that you roll. The farther the pig goes, the more rewards you will get. Your lovely pig will face complex but interesting challenges on its way to exploring its world, and overcoming obstacles will help you collect gold coins to build structures, shop collections, build your own or buy weapons to disrupt your opponent's buildings.

You can use your own money to help you overcome obstacles along the way. However, keep a close eye on the other pigs in the race, as they can break your building and make you last in the race. 

If you get to the finish line first, you can enjoy the big game bonus and use it in the next races. The faster you reach the finish line, the more points you will receive. In addition, the game will award Piggy Go points to you and other players if all roll the dice with the same number of points in one turn, increasing the race's speed and making the game more dramatic. 

Fun Activities

There are a variety of fun activities for you to do with your cute pig while participating in the game. Going to special locations on the map will help you collect cards, representing different locations in the world. Once you have collected enough quantity, you can own the place and proceed to build the constructions of your dreams.

Once you own many buildings, you can build a whole city. You will get a big bonus for this, and it helps you to earn more money when the opponent goes to your city. 

In addition, the game also has an element of chance. When you go to the Destiny slot, you can flip a random card and see what your next fate is. You can go to jail, visit casinos, pay other players, or become the boss and make other players give you money. Everything can happen. 

Rich Map System

Piggy Go provides a diverse map system, helping players enjoy different lands in the world. Various interesting places are waiting for you to explore, from beaches, tropical forests, windmills, and jungles, to countless beautiful countries worldwide. Each land has its own beauty and certainly will not make you feel bored when playing the game. 

Make Your Pig The Most Stylish 

Your cute pig can cosplay in a variety of styles to make the game even more fun. You can use the bonus after each challenge you complete to buy unique skins for your pig. From clothes to accessories like hats, necklaces, earrings, shoes, sandals, and glasses, you can customize everything to make your pig look its coolest. You can try many different styles: elegant, cute, glamorous, fun, chic, and many more. 

Great Graphics And Sound

Piggy Go owns 3D graphics and sharp and smooth image quality. The game builds from bright colors, while your pig is designed to be cute, creating sympathy from players. In addition, the contexts in the game are also meticulously designed and detailed, helping you feel the beauty of the lands in the game. 

Besides, the game's sound adds relaxation to the player with a fast and fun soundtrack. Overall, the game is perfectly suitable for players of all ages and provides a great entertainment experience. 

Download Piggy Go Mod Apk for Android

Piggy Go is an attractive Monopoly-style game inspired by lovely pigs. It possesses simple but addictive gameplay, with a series of missions and attractive rewards for players. Besides, the game has smooth graphics, vivid sound, and beautiful visual effects. The MOD APK version of the game will give you unlimited money, helping you to comfortably shop for items and build buildings. Download this game now to take on fun challenges with your friends and be the first pig to finish.