My Talking Angela APK (Unlimited Money)

My Talking Angela
App Name My Talking Angela
Genre Casual
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Size 100.5Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update August 25, 2022 (1 years ago)

My Talking Angela, a virtual cat game that Outfit7 has released, provides players with the ideal interaction mode, just like having a pet. Your pet daughter can be entertained, cared for, or teased. To make Angela even more beautiful, you can also change a variety of her costumes. Furthermore, My Talking Angela is a game that knows how to please players, does not disappoint, takes care of a girly cat and then unwinds with a full minigame system.

Download My Talking Angela MOD APK For Android

Having a virtual pet is just as alluring as having a real cat in the house. When players download My Angela on their phones, they gain access to many priceless benefits. For instance, a trustworthy friend, an adorably submissive kitty. Install the game directly on Android devices to begin your own lovely tale.


Introducing My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela, was initially launched in November 2012. After that, this game was formally released and made publicly available across platforms in 2014, so far it has tens of millions of users. The version of My Talking Angela is dedicated to girlfriends, so the colors in the game have a little bit of momentum. 

Age and level in the game are correlated, the more time you spend playing, the older your cat is. The two components of care and play continue to be the primary feature. You can carry out several activities akin to daily life in the game mode. Everything from eating and sleeping to entertaining activities and maintaining wellness.

Throughout the game, you will need to purchase numerous items, which will cost you a lot of money. Let's start accumulating coins early enough to improve the equipment to your desired level.

Gameplay My Talking Angela

As soon as the game begins, the player will raise the cat from a kitten to an adult. You must give your cat enough food, rest, and playtime if you want to be a good owner.

The cat's health status will always be updated by the system. When the symbol becomes red, it means that you need to take care of the cat immediately. Aside from the indicators for eating and bathing, there are other behaviors like requesting for food and expressing a want to take a bath, both of which are really adorable.

Players can tease their cat by petting and touching her hands, feet, and head. When you pet your cat, she will show you by making pleased motions or meowing. When you tell her something in this game, your cat will respond in a chirpy voice that is both unique and hilarious.

By swiping in accordance with the directions on the screen, you may quickly make Angela cat happy while watching her perform sweet and adorable dances. You can also enjoy My Talking Angela's brand-new, contemporary decor. With numerous intriguing details, including realistic depictions of the toilet and other stuff like brushes and tableware.


Multiple Minigames

My Talking Angela offers 12 more Mini games that might aid in increasing your gold collection such as: Unicorns, Balloon Splash, Happy Connect, Connect, and more common mini games.

You refurbish your kitty with gold. How adorable your little pet looks in her new clothing. Here you can also make up your pet. Possess an extensive collection of lipstick, eyebrow pencils, and powder boxes in your closet to enhance your Angela makeup.

Shopping and Caring

You will need to purchase a variety of items including certain necessities like food, clothing, and décor. Because there are distinct categories in each of the aforementioned areas, the expenditure balance is crucial.

Health is the only requirement needed for Angela's cat to function properly. You must give your cat whatever they require to assist them achieve their optimum fitness. For instance, Angela must eat, clean, sleep, and dance every day. Follow the stats below the screen and see what the cat is missing to replenish immediately.

Graphics and Sound

Along with 3D graphics, Angela the cat has a cute shape, sharp images, and is depicted in detail with colorful drawings that are full of life. These images include necessities like brushes, dishes, bathtubs, and even fashionable clothing. The game's UI is logically laid up to make it simple for players to use.


When Angela is petted, she always meows sweetly. Most noteworthy is Angela’s voice, which sounds quite humorous and adds to the enjoyment of your experience when it mimics your speech. Additionally, the mini games' sound effects are fairly funny, leaving you with a constant sense of comfort and lightness after playing.


The lovely cat image in the popular game My Talking Angela won't let players down. My Talking Angela not only attracts children but also adults who have a hobby of keeping pets. Participating in the game will provide players the most genuine feeling. Download now to take advantage of a variety of exciting experiences.