Modern Combat 5 APK 5.8.6d (God Mode/Antiban)

Modern Combat 5
App Name Modern Combat 5
Genre Action
Developer Gameloft
Size 51.9MB
Latest Version 5.8.6d
Mod info God Mode/Antiban
Update August 25, 2022 (1 years ago)

Gameloft, a well-known video game developer, created Modern Combat 5, which was widely published with player happiness as its primary objective. With shooting sequences using cutting-edge weapons, the game boasts an exhilarating gameplay that promises to be fun for gamers. 

Download Modern Combat 5 MOD APK For Android

The action game Modern Combat 5 is perfect for anyone who loves the first-person shooter subgenre. In comparison to other versions, this one has made significant advancements in the map, game modes, visuals, and gameplay stability. To experience how amazing Modern Combat 5 is, download it right away for Android devices.


Introducing Modern Combat 5 

There are several well-liked shooting games available right now, but Modern Combat 5 is one that both players and industry experts highly regard. Four prior versions of Modern Combat were successful but the most recent version, Modern Combat 5, promises to deliver a lot more engaging content right to your entertainment time.

It would be impossible to discuss the Modern Combat series without mentioning the renowned game developer Gameloft. All of the shooting games that Gameloft has released have won over players. Now let's find out what Gameloft brings this time to Modern Combat 5, arguably the version that attracts the most players.

Modern Combat 5 Plot

The plot of Modern Combat 5, which picks up where Part 4 left off, is a sequel to the journey of Caydan Phoenix, the best sniper among Gilman Security's special forces. Along with brave teammates, players will join the battle against the World Liberation Army and put an end to every danger before it gets out of hand.

As one of Gameloft's well-known shooters, you can see how carefully and delicately the fights are constructed, including everything from military outposts to residences.They all lead you to a complete storyline and bring excitement to the players. In addition, there are stages, where you will battle 2 to 6 enemies simultaneously. The enemy will launch fire for you to both move and shoot back continuously. You need fighting experience and versatility in your skills if you want to win.


It is noticeable that Modern Combat 5's gameplay is quite similar to earlier shooting games like Call of Duty or PUBG Mobile. The game is also pretty simple, you just need to get used to a system of virtual buttons for movement control on the left and active buttons for you to display your skills on the other side.

Game Modes in Modern Combat 5

Instead of the four prior versions, you'll play with other players around the world online. You can go on missions with your friends, eliminating every adversary and destroying every terrorist facility. Beside that, the game also has a variety of various game modes, including Multiplayer, Campaign, Battle Royale,etc.

In which , Campaign is a single-player game mode that has a plot and missions throughout. And Multiplayer mode will include a ranking system through single player, duo, team. 

The events in the game also often take place with many valuable rewards, you can entirely win them for free by completing tasks within a set amount of time.

Multiple of Weapons & Character Classes 

The weaponry in Modern Combat 5 is incredibly diverse. Gameloft has simulated a wide variety of firearms in such detail so that you may see them in-game in a realistic manner. You should endeavor to finish the game's tasks and kill lots of foes to acquire better weapons.

Nine distinct character classes are available in the game, including Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, and Kommander. Each character class has unique traits and access to a variety of specialized weaponry. Strength and supporting stats of character can be raised by upgrading skills.

Graphics and Sound

Modern Combat 5 possesses 3D graphics with realistic character creation, made in great detail and clarity. The game's structures are more polished and have graphically rendered firearms with a range of unique designs. Due to the constant conflicts, the game's "bombs" and "smoke" hues give players the impression that they are completely immersed in their gaming character.

The game's soundtrack is highly dramatic and thrilling, and it is typical of other shooting action game genres. The characters' screams after being defeated and the sound of weapons are realistically and powerfully conveyed.



Overall, Modern Combat 5 is a top-notch  game with gorgeous graphics, interesting gameplay, a cogent and smooth plot. Take advantage of the game's fascinating features by downloading it right away.