Minibus Simulator Vietnam APK 2.1.3 (Full Paid)

Minibus Simulator Vietnam
App Name Minibus Simulator Vietnam
Genre Simulations
Size 53.2MB
Latest Version 2.1.3
Mod info Full Paid
Update August 08, 2022 (1 years ago)

Simulation games are a great way to experience life in a vivid way, try to experience Minibus Simulator Vietnam. In this game, you will experience driving a minibus, conquering difficult roads, and feel the beauty of the weather, space, and sounds of the streets in Vietnam, where you can take passengers in different places to their own destinations. Here you can earn money and experience from taking your passengers. A driving simulation game familiar with Vietnamese culture.

Minibus Simulator Vietnam apk mod

Experience the driving journey across all regions of Vietnam

With a fairly large number of maps, although not enough 64 provinces in Vietnam, it is enough to bring an interesting feeling to players. Besides, the game also integrates many new stops for you to make long-distance trips more convenient. You will start at any bus stop, pick up passengers, store their luggage and then drive the bus from one station to another. Along the way, there will be many challenges waiting for you.

Intuitive control mechanism

The game's driving controller will surprise players. With detailed driving controls, areas are arranged extremely meticulously, integrated with most of the features on the screen for players to conveniently track, search and drive.

It is easy to see the steering wheel on the left of the screen with the horn, lights, clock, etc. The right side of the screen with brake, acceleration, door opening, and closing,...In the middle of the screen with the driver control panel, the map, entertainment sound system, ...

The game offers many different driving modes. Players can choose flexible driving modes between the steering wheel, the keyboard, or the phone's tilt sensor. So players can approach the game easily, right for their forte.

Bus Simulator Vietnam

Smooth motion with realistic weather effects

Rainy or sunny, night or day, you can freely change the weather conditions. Therefore, it will bring a real driving feeling to the Vietnamese climate environment.

With a first-person perspective, it will bring a realistic driving feeling to the player. As for the third person's perspective, players can clearly feel the surrounding space such as weather effects, and street noise on their journey. It's really amazing that everything is so realistic.

Attractive graphics for players

The game's 3D graphics are highly appreciated. The familiar scene of the Vietnam landscape is vividly reproduced, you can see a surprisingly familiar running scene with images of houses, signs, toll stations, vehicles, traffic signals... Of course, almost everything in real life is included here. Besides, the game also has an investment in movements in the game context. It is moving the car in the opposite direction or through the toll station controlled by AI… In addition, the game also has many wider streets for the driver to unleash their speed.

Realistic sound

The sound of the car engine, the horn, the rain falling on the car or the sound of the door opening make your game experience extremely realistic. Each action of turning the car, moving forward, backward, accelerating, or stopping, ... of the Minibus Simulator Vietnam game is amazingly realistic.

A worth game playing

Minibus Simulator Vietnam will be an attractive game that gamers should not miss. Forget the usual virtual experiences and come to the familiar feeling of driving a passenger car on the map of Vietnam. Challenging terrain, many new cars, new accessories, minimalist control mechanisms, realistic images, and sounds… are the impressive points of the game. All contribute to creating a driving experience that is both smooth and attractive, promising to be addictive when playing on the phone. Let's experience driving a small car to many places and reach the destination safely on the journeys.