MaskGun APK 2.910 (No Mod)

App Name MaskGun
Genre Action
Developer June Gaming
Size 165.8MB
Latest Version 2.910
Mod info No Mod
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

Maskgun Multiplayer is a famous shooting game for Android devices from the publisher June Gaming. Amidst a series of names that are storming the mobile shooter market, such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG Mobile, or Free Fire, MaskGun still shows its highlights with sets of unique battle costumes, various game modes, a variety of different guns, and bloody and fierce battles.

Maskgun MOD APK

MaskGun Multiplayer FPS, powered by June Gaming, is a first-person shooter game designed in 3D graphics format. The game gives players a realistic feel with gunfire, fierce bombs, and colorful armor, creating an atmosphere like when you are in a realistic gun battle battlefield.

The game will help you become a professional shooter with top-notch aiming skills. In the game, you will have to coordinate with your teammates, move wisely to dodge the opponent's attacks, calculate the right moves to avoid being ambushed by the enemy, and quickly destroy. all enemies when there is a chance to win. Be aware that enemies are very agile, and if you neglect even for a second, your character is in danger of falling, and the game will be over.


Easy Control Mechanics

The in-game buttons are clearly arranged so that you can control your character's movement, attack, and defense. On the left of the screen are navigation keys that help your character move in 360-degree space, including operations such as jumping up to cross terrain and lying down to hide from opponents. On the right side of the screen are buttons that allow you to attack the enemy, including aiming, swapping weapons, and firing. Control the character to move and use suitable skills to destroy all enemies.

Stylish Outfits

Costumes are an attractive element of MaskGun Multiplayer. Players will be free to choose stylish, cool, and personal outfits to join the battlefield in the most prominent way. You will almost become a fashion designer when choosing costumes and accessories for the characters in the game, with different options for colors of costumes, pants, tops, hats, glasses, shoes, and weapons. Other players will surely be impressed with your character if you dress your character in unique costumes.

Experience The Interesting Game Mode

MaskGun Multiplayer FPS allows you to enjoy 3 different game modes. The first mode is Survival. You will fight alone against other players. Kill all enemies in the allotted time, and you will win. In a match in Survival mode, the challenge will be immense when you have to fight hundreds of other players trying to destroy each other. If you succeed and become the last survivor, you will be rewarded with precious gifts.

The second mode is called Team Battle. You will fight with your teammates for one purpose only: destroy the members of the opposing team and keep your teammates safe. The team with the last survivor in the game wins. This mode is loved by many gamers because it emphasizes teamwork when you must combine well with your teammates to create a reasonable strategy to win. When participating in this mode, you can chat or talk directly with your friends to add more fun to the game.

Finally, you will enjoy Bomb Defuse mode. This mode requires you and your teammates to find and deactivate hidden bombs in the area. Destroying all bombs in the allotted time will help you win. However, if you are not careful, the bomb can explode and make you lose.


Satisfy Your Passion For Guns

Guns are at the heart of the game. Coming to MaskGun, you will be able to use a variety of guns with different functions, from Shotgun, AKM, and M16A4 to Scar-L. All will be available in the inventory for you to choose from. Besides, if the opponent is close, you can use daggers to increase damage and attack speed.

Like the costumes, the weapons are also equipped with different colors to add more prominence to the battle. You can freely choose the design, shape, and color to apply to your weapon and make it look the most impressive.

Rich Battle Terrain

MaskGun offers up to 9 different types of maps for you to choose from, each with its own terrain characteristics. You can explore the map freely, but pay attention to the location of the enemies and watch out for them to surprise attack. Map types vary in terrain, from airports, lighthouses, and deserts, to other exciting terrains. To start, you can choose open terrain to get used to the game, like Ryokan or GhostTown. Then, once familiar with them, you can unlock new and more creative maps like Halloween Yard to experience.

Top-notch 3D Graphics

Graphics are a staple of shooting games, and MaskGun fills players' visual experience with super high resolution. The eye-catching visual effects, combined with the crisp to detailed map, will make you have a great time fighting and entertaining.

In addition, a 3D surround sound system will be added to increase the game's realism further. You'll feel gunshots, grenade blasts, and well-invested outside sounds. In addition, when the battle is not going on, an energetic soundtrack will be played to relieve your stress.

Download Maskgun MOD APK for Android

Maskgun MOD APK is a great shooting game for fans of the genre. If you are too familiar with PUBG Mobile and Free Fire and want to find a new breeze to experience, this game will respond to that in a great way with bloody but also colorful combat.

The MOD APK version of this game will help you get unlimited money to buy costumes, give you unlimited ammo so you never have to change ammo in the middle of battle, and remove annoying ads that affect your gaming experience. Download MaskGun now to join your friends in intense gun battles and blow your enemies away.