APK 2.1.30 (Free Shopping)
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Genre Action
Developer Casual Azur Games
Size 95.4MB
Latest Version 2.1.30
Mod info Free Shopping
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago) is an online game with a unique combination of magic and blocks. You will not be able to encounter familiar weapons in resistance block games such as guns or heavy combat weapons; instead, you will have to prove yourself the strongest mage by killing other players with your mighty magical powers. With a novel game implementation combined with top-notch graphics, this game promises to bring you the most rewarding and satisfying relaxing moments. You definitely feel great when transformed into extraordinary characters to participate in the dramatic survival battle arena.

Introduce is a video game from the dramatic fighting category from the CASUAL AZUR GAMES developer. Here, you can enjoy the ideal fusion of the game's distinctive features and first-rate graphics. This will allow you to discover any intriguing components of a mythological game in this one.


In contrast to most other combat games, this game solely utilizes the idea of the struggle for survival between the heady magicians. Your goal is to use the game's elements to your advantage and become the final player alive. In particular, the point that makes this game stand out most is its environment when they are built as a unique cubic world.

This game is a fantastic opportunity to put your abilities to the test and battle foes in a fresh way. You can explore a variety of game modes and settings with it. Depending on the type of terrain you're in, there are various battle types you can select from. Additionally, you can defeat your adversaries by casting various magic spells. Each match in this game will put your patience and strategy to the test.

Simple But Addictive Gameplay

Despite being a real-time fighting game, is not in the style of a typical RTS. You will have a really exciting gameplay experience through three conflicts in each level. As the enemies get stronger and the characters get closer to one another in later levels, the drama of the gameplay rapidly increases, forcing you to battle nonstop and with great tenacity to live.

You must finish the mission of defeating the enemy and place first in the rankings to battle for survival. Although it may seem challenging, this game's gameplay is actually quite straightforward. To become a powerful monarch in this wizarding world, you must still arm yourself with the required abilities, such as mobility and keen observation.


Explore Many Exciting Game Modes

In, you will be immersed in fierce battles in various modes such as PvP, Survival, and Scenario. Each mode will focus on different types of gameplay mechanics. For example, in PvP. You will have to fight to achieve a certain number of kills within a certain time. While in Survival, you will need to try to survive waves of enemies. The high score is uploaded to the online leaderboard in each game mode.

In addition, this game will provide players with two functions, including offline and online. Therefore, you can freely enjoy your leisure time with many different types of play, providing the best moments of rest.

Enjoy A Diverse Collection Of Heroes offers a very diverse character system, allowing players to try out in many different battles. You can role-play as vampires, medusas, kings, knights, warriors, etc. They are all magicians with their own fighting abilities. That is reflected in the appearance and the screen's attack button during the battle.

The diversity in the game's character system will help you develop the right strategy for yourself. For instance, if petrified medusa fit your assault style, you should concentrate on strengthening it so that it has the most significant effect possible during each battle. The fact that every hero will have unique strengths and weaknesses should be kept in mind, though. Therefore, to perform flawlessly and shrewdly on the battlefield, you also need to be aware of the stat traits of each sort of hero.


Strategically Customize Weapons

In addition to the character collection, this game also provides players with a huge inventory of weapons and equipment related to magic, such as magic books, magic wands, candles, etc., to help players optimize their characters' power. You can buy weapons in the game's store with the money you earn through battles or with diamonds in a certain amount. The signature weapons will amplify the hero's power to the next level, significantly increasing the damage and effects in combat. Besides, you should use the game's blood bag function well because it can help your mages recover their strength relatively quickly.

Excellent Graphics And Sound System

When you come to, you will probably feel very impressed with the smooth graphics and eye-catching color schemes this game brings. Although this game is built in the old blocky style, the images in the game are designed very sharp and meticulous, from characters and weapons to the background. Therefore, you can believe that the publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES intentionally used this interface style to increase the fun in the intense battles of players.

In addition, the plus point of this game is also in the sound system when it gives players relaxing background music combined with lively sound effects. In each battle, you will hear obvious sounds of weapons on impact, characters' footsteps, and parties' shouts when fighting. This element will definitely be able to elevate your gaming experience to the next level.

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In short, Mod Apk is an attractive survival fighting game that combines beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay. You can create the most terrifying and dangerous magical battlefield in the world with a diverse system of characters and weapons and many attractive game modes. Get quick access to this game, navigate the world of blocks with magical powers, and become a survival king at the top of the leaderboard.