Last Island of Survival APK 3.1 (Full)

Last Island of Survival
App Name Last Island of Survival
Genre Adventure
Developer Xiaojiao Xhang
Size 75MB
Latest Version 3.1
Mod info Full
Update October 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

The Last Island of Survival will surely satisfy you if you are looking for an attractive survival game. This game will give you many powerful experiences and challenge your survival through a series of fascinating missions. You only have 15 days to live on the unspoiled island, so use all your skills to fight and get home safely.

Introduce Last Island of Survival

The Last Island of Survival is a multiplayer Sandbox Survival role-playing game that combines action and adrenaline. Here, you will be transported to a remote island overrun with civilization, and your goal is to survive until the day you return home. You will face many threats, from hunger and thirst to attacks from wild animals and other mysterious dangers.

This game offers many attractive features to enjoy the most entertaining time. However, the gameplay of this game is quite simple. You can boast that you are the ultimate survivor if you dedicate enough time to this survival. So equip yourself with enough skills to overcome harsh environments such as deserts or remote mountains. In addition, don't forget to explore the huge open world map to discover this island's secret and return home safely.


Fierce Survival Gameplay

Have you ever wondered if suddenly, one day, you wake up and realize you are on a strange, deserted island? In Last Island of Survival, you will experience that situation when you have to play the role of a character stranded on a large island. Now, you will have to fight for your survival and find a way to survive in the next 15 days to get help.

The gameplay of this game focuses mainly on survival, not combat. The only props the game gives you at the start is a stone-bladed ax. With the ax in hand, your first task is to cut down trees to cut trees to build houses or exploit resources. The house will keep you safe from dangers outside. At the same time, this is also a place where you can rest, get accessories, and research the recipes you collect, including weapons and accessories.

Besides, on this island, there will also be stranded people like you who need help. So you can gather everyone into a mighty group to fight together for life. Your home can be a haven for your group's safety.

This game also gives players a lot of missions throughout this intense adventure. You will unlock many new rare recipes, equipment, and materials when you complete the assigned mission. However, you should be careful because the difficulty will increase, and you will need intelligent strategies to overcome it.

Confront Fearsome Enemies

Of course, the maps in this game all have a very poor amount of resources, and at the same time, it contains many dangers lurking for you. So with this barren terrain, getting food is actually quite difficult. You will have to face fierce attacks of razor-sharp fangs constantly. These cold-blooded creatures haven't seen humans in a while, so they're very bloodthirsty and won't hesitate to eat you anytime you lose focus.


In addition, you may encounter long-term hungry snakes or pythons, and they are eager to rush in to wrap up and destroy you. Even so, you still have to keep fighting to find food for your group in the deeper forests. So, to be able to quickly get out of danger, use your sharp knife or a hand-held rifle to fight them.

Besides, you should remember that this is a survival game, so in the end, only one person or a team can survive. Therefore, you also need to be on the lookout for everyone except your teammates.

Collect The Items Needed To Sustain Life

As we mentioned, your main goal in Last Island of Survival is to survive and return home alive after 15 days. Therefore, you must continuously collect the necessary items to assist you in that process.

When you first enter the battle, you only have berries to eat and replenish energy. But once you've gathered the necessary supplies like blueprints and materials, you can build anything you want, maybe even a simple stove to cook in. In addition, you can create a complete village or a giant shelter thanks to the game's building feature.

Besides, the in-game crafting options will allow you to produce useful tools to assist you. Primarily, you can craft weapons and armor to deal with dangerous zombies, hungry wild predators, and lurking enemies.

In this game, you will be given a map to explore. You can travel to multiple locations and find unique resources to build bases and craft tools.


Enjoy The Addictive PvP Mode

We are pleased to inform you that you are not alone on the enormous island known as the Last Island of Survival. Many other gamers will be in a similar situation to you. You have a variety of ways to communicate with each other, including battling, trading, and chatting.

It will be up to you whether you choose to become allies or foes with other players, though. You will be free to form a group and work together to build an empire so that you may all survive. On the other hand, you can activate the carnage mode if you prefer to fight alone and eliminate every player. After that, you'll be able to kill and plunder everyone you encounter. 

Great Graphics For A Mobile Game

Last Island of Survival can be evaluated as not inferior to other survival games like PUBG mobile or ARK: Survival Evolved in the graphic design field. It ensures to give players the most impressive survival experience. You will experience the game in realistic 3D graphics style, paying attention to every small detail. For example, you will be provided with day and night effects, constantly changing weather, and an ultra-wide third-person perspective that allows you to observe the game scene in the most comprehensive way.

In addition, this game offers a vivacious and wild sound system. Thanks to that, you will feel like you are living in the game and can fully immerse yourself in the game.

Download Last Island of Survival Mod Apk for Android

In general, Last Island of Survival is a great survival game for mobile as it allows players to freely explore a vast map that comes with many attractive features. Now, your survival skills are not only judged by killing opponents but also by how well you build your life. So, download the Last Island of Survival Mod Apk to your Android phone to challenge yourself in the most extreme environment.