Larva Heroes: Lavengers mod apk 2.8.7 (Infinte Candy/Coin)

Larva Heroes: Lavengers
App Name Larva Heroes: Lavengers
Genre Simulations
Developer TubaN
Size 92.8MB
Latest Version 2.8.7
Mod info Infinte Candy/Coin
Update October 03, 2022 (12 months ago)

Larva Heroes Lavengers is a classic tower defense game. But what makes it interesting is that the main character is not an army or a general but a variety of worms and larvae that are extremely cute and funny. The game has been a massive hit since it was released, and you can download it for free on Android and iOS devices to experience the dramatic and funny defense of insects.

Larva Heroes Lavengers MOD APK

Larva Heroes Lavengers has a pretty unique name. It was made from Larva and the Avengers. If you do not know, Larva is a movie about two mischievous larvae with funny, cute faces with goofy actions that make viewers laugh. Therefore, the game will revolve around the world of these two larvae but with a different approach. That is, they will act as generals and control troops to defend the tower from the enemy's attacks. A story that is both engaging and funny.

You will be allowed to control both the main characters and the soldier larvae at the same time with a single mission: destroy the mummy larvae that are trying to attack your tower. The important point that you need to pay attention to is the danger of the enemy. You cannot let any mummy larvae touch your base, even though their numbers are huge. If that happens, the tower will be destroyed, and you will lose.


Interesting Tower-Defense Gameplay

With classic tower defense gameplay, your task in the game is to choose the commander larva, arrange a reasonable formation between the commander larva and the soldier larva, and navigate the army of the larva. Your insect moves forward and backward to attack and defend according to the battle situation. The soldier larvae will automatically follow the commander larva, so you only need to navigate the commander larva to move the entire army.

Tactics are also an essential factor that you need to keep in mind to win. Commander larvae will have more destructive power and health than soldier larvae, so you can arrange a custom formation according to your opponent's destructive power to win faster. If the opponent is attacking fiercely, use the soldier larvae in front to cover and defend. On the contrary, when your army is at an advantage, send the commander larvae to the front to increase firepower and destroy the enemy tower.

Each level will be divided into 3 stages with increasing difficulty. You must complete all 3 stages to be able to pass the level and receive valuable rewards. At the final stage of each level, you will face a boss with terrifying power. To defeat him, you will need an army of larvae with incredible firepower, high health, and a suitable attack strategy.


Use Items To Increase The Strength Of The Larva Army

Towards the end of the game, the enemy's strength will be greater, and your larvae will be exhausted and no longer have as much firepower as at the beginning. At this point, you can use items, potions, and support skills to increase the strength and combat power of the larvae, thereby regaining the advantage for your army.

The game has many interesting accompanying items you can add to your army. You can feed the larvae sausages, their favorite food, and add more stamina to the warrior larvae. Hot dogs can appear randomly during matches, or you can buy them directly from the game store.

Many Different Larvae To Create Your Army

Larva Heroes Lavengers and a wide range of different types of larvae to choose from. Each type of larva possesses different characteristics, powers, and moves, such as warriors, knights, priests, gunners, mages, and more. Based on their names, you can guess the role of the larvae.

For example, gunners can attack opponents from long distances without having to approach them directly, warriors will have a large amount of health and the ability to last longer in battle, while mages can use Special spells to stun, freeze, or reduce their damage. In addition, the mage can also heal his teammates.


Larva Upgrades For Greater Damage

Your larval warriors can be upgraded after each battle. The upgrade will give them more health for a better defense and increased attack power to make it easier to kill enemies. To upgrade your army, you need to pass many levels of the game and unlock valuable rewards. Besides, after being upgraded to a specific level, the larvae can evolve into warriors with extraordinary strength, making it easy to blow up enemies in one attack.

Graphics And Sound

The game's graphics are designed in 2D format, but it's still good enough for you to feel the excitement and humor of the larval tower defense battle. The game's colorful world has been meticulously and sophisticatedly built by the designer so that you can get the most authentic experience after watching the series of the same name. Fun visual effects also appear throughout the battle, helping you feel less stressed.

Besides, the music with fun and energetic melodies will also make the battles much more exciting. Overall, this game doesn't gather the best, but it fits the theme and is entertaining enough for you to have a good time relaxing.

Download Larva Heroes: Lavengers MOD APK

The Larva Heroes Lavengers MOD APK version will unlock all the larvae in the game, the accompanying skills, and all the bonus features. As a result, you will quickly become the best tower defense player and get the service of the most powerful army without spending too much time in the game. Download now Larva Heroes Lavengers to get moments of great entertainment with funny larvae in the unique tower defense battle ever.