Kick the Buddy mod apk 2.0.4 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Kick the Buddy
App Name Kick the Buddy
Genre Action
Developer Playgendary
Size 163.1Mb
Latest Version 2.0.4
Mod info Unlimited Money/Gold
Update August 18, 2022 (1 years ago)

Kick the Buddy is a highly entertaining game and helps you relieve stress after tiring working days. Playgendary's game features straightforward gameplay and cute graphics. Buddy is a bear you'll encounter, and you can use it as a punching bag, kickboxing target, or toss object. Playing this game will help you relax and have more fun.

Download Kick the Buddy MOD APK For Android

The gameplay of Kick the Buddy is comparatively easy. In this game, your goal is to punch the bear till it falls over or improve the game once you've gathered enough coins and money to buy weapons. To play this hilarious entertainment game, download it right away on an Android device.

Introducing Kick the Buddy

The game's main iconic character, Buddy, is an extremely adorable cloth mannequin. To dress up and enhance the Buddy's appearance, players can purchase various items from the wardrobe.

When a player defeats Buddy, they not only get their stress levels down but also get money. Players can purchase more cutting-edge weapons to keep getting revenge on the Buddy dummy by using the money they earn. 

In addition, Kick the Buddy also features a varied arsenal of weaponry that fall under numerous weapon categories, such as nano, machines, and horror. 

Players can look for the necessary weapon with ease in distinct groups. Buddy can survive any amount of destruction because the goal of this dummy is to serve as a means for the player to express his rage.

Kick the Buddy is a game that makes many fans happy because it can be played without an online connection. All you have to do is start the game and spend hours torturing this bear Buddy.

Gameplay Kick the Buddy

Buddy's face can display emotions like joy, sorrow, pain, etc.The dummy's expression is flexible and will vary in response to your activities.

Buddy is capable of a wide range of operations. Stretching, spinning, and other related activities. He will yell whenever you torture him. Everything is presented in a fun and fascinating way. 

The game doesn't just end at punching and hitting, players can even purchase nuclear bombs or even guns to target Buddy the bear. The player will defeat Buddy bear in each level. Next, place it in the ready garbage container. Then the game continued as a second victim was dropped from above.

Features in Kick the Buddy

- Kick the Buddy gives users the option to customize the doll's look. You can use any image of a person by placing it in place of the dummy 's face. 

- The player can select from a variety of available weapons from an arsenal on the left side of the screen. You only need to choose the necessary torture tool and click anywhere on the screen.

- Players have access to explosives, chemicals, and other types of weapons. Additionally, the game features scenes of torture performed by other enigmatic entities.

- Kick the Buddy also lets users purchase jewelry and various furnishings items. With the wide range of customizations available, players can switch venues and take in the action in a park, concert hall, or wherever they like to choose.

- Besides that, the two main currencies are dollars and gold. Players can purchase stuff like guns using money and gold. The most expensive weaponry typically results in the most fun.

Graphics and Sound

Background with stunning 3D visuals that draws players. Buddy's form becomes distorted when hit excessively. Extremely realistic and detailed burns, scratches, and other injuries formed on his body. The effects of exploding weapons or clashes with meteors are especially designed.

Buddy will scream ferociously after every hit or use of a certain weapon, giving the player the impression that the character is in great pain as a result of the player's rage. The noises of the atomic bomb detonating or animals called to torture him are constructed in a realistic, vivid manner.


Kick the Buddy will provide gamers with wonderful entertainment experiences with straightforward content to aid in the release of rage. In addition to punching and kicking Buddy, players can also use a variety of other unique and modern weapons to torture this guy. Play this game right now in order to relax and reduce tension.