Jurassic World mod apk 1.70.8 (Free Shopping/VIP)

Jurassic World
App Name Jurassic World
Genre RPG
Developer Ludia Inc
Size 45.5Mb
Latest Version 1.70.8
Mod info Free Shopping/VIP
Update October 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

Jurassic World MOD APK from the publisher Ludia Inc will allow you to go back to prehistoric times to see, hunt, and raise giant dinosaurs. The game is built with 3D graphics and attractive gameplay, promising to become a great choice for those who love dinosaurs and want to learn about this extinct creature.

Jurassic World MOD APK

Jurassic World is a game inspired by dinosaurs, creatures that ruled the Earth when humans did not appear. You will own a large dinosaur park with giant reptiles. From there, your next task will be to nurture these huge creatures, upgrade them, and build an army to defeat dangerous enemies.

Built from the popular Jurassic World series, the game will recreate and animate more than 150 species of giant dinosaurs and rock the Earth with epic battles. Up to now, the game has received more than 100 million downloads from the Google Play store, the most evident proof of the appeal of this game.


Appealing Gameplay

You will return to the glorious history of the Jurassic period, where dinosaurs dominated all other creatures on primitive Earth. Your goal in the game is to build a beautiful amusement park to make a home for this creature to live. Expand your park to become a paradise for dinosaurs, and try to prolong their brilliant existence before the apocalypse strikes. 

Although the game's theme is around dinosaurs, it still has a mix of strategy and construction elements. You will need to design the most efficient and balanced park for the dinosaurs to grow, nurture them to increase their strength, and fight the evil dinosaurs to protect the safety of your dinosaur. 

Now, the dinosaur park is open. Collect the most powerful dinosaurs, defeat your enemies, and build the most incredible dinosaur paradise. 

Hunt And Raise Dinosaurs

When you start the game, your dinosaur park is just a small base with baby dinosaurs. You will have access to more impressive dinosaurs as you level up in the game. To own new dinosaurs, you will have to conduct hunting missions or buy special cards from the game store. 

Please note that not all dinosaurs are friendly in Jurassic World. You will confront both good dinosaurs and bad dinosaurs. If you meet a good dinosaur, you can collect and nurture it to train it to become a warrior. If you encounter bad dinosaurs, you will have to use your army to fight and destroy them. That's how your dinosaur park is safe.


Dinosaur Evolution

After the park construction is completed, you will have to upgrade the dinosaurs you raise to have better-fighting power. Dinosaur evolution will improve various stats like damage, speed,

and defense for dinosaurs. Jurassic is a very dangerous time, and if you do not upgrade your creatures, you will face the dangers of bad dinosaurs from outside the park. 

The ADN Lab

You can absolutely become a brilliant scientist while building your dinosaur park. Dinosaurs, in addition to being obtained by fighting, trading, and opening cards, can also be created through DNA hybridization. Therefore, DNA is at the core of this process, and you can search for dinosaur DNA from the store, use DNA from dinosaurs you own, or collect it as loot. when you destroy the bad dinosaurs. 

To breed dinosaurs, you just need to select the desired DNA samples and wait for the breeding system to work. Through this genetic enhancement, you can create unique dinosaurs with the attack, speed, and defense stats far superior to the basic dinosaurs. Therefore, your dinosaur army can easily win fierce wars.

Global Ranking System

The global ranking system that the game offers will enhance its competitiveness. When you defeat an army of dinosaurs, or as you expand your dinosaur park, your ranking points will increase. Thanks to that, you can climb to the top of the world rankings.


To do that, you'll need a clear growth strategy for your park. You need to balance between buildings that generate energy, food, housing for the dinosaurs, and the number of dinosaurs. Please calculate carefully because when any indicator has a problem, it will directly affect the health of your dinosaur.   

3D graphic design

Jurassic World uses sharp 3D graphics and is built with eye-catching and vivid visual effects. Thanks to the elaborateness of the publisher, the dinosaur world of the Jurassic period will appear realistically for you to explore and watch the majestic but heavy steps of the dinosaurs. That combines wonderfully with powerful and energetic music to create a novel, unique, and impressive entertainment experience for players. 

Download Jurassic World MOD APK

Jurassic World is an excellent game for fans of dinosaurs, creatures that ruled the Earth before they went extinct about 65 million years ago. The MOD APK version of the game will give you unlimited money to buy and upgrade dinosaurs, as well as expand your dinosaur park. Download this game now to collect and raise beautiful dinosaurs, breed DNA to create new dinosaur breeds, and defeat opponents with your mighty dinosaur army.