Junkyard Tycoon APK 1.0.29 (Unlimited Money)

Junkyard Tycoon
App Name Junkyard Tycoon
Genre Simulations
Developer Lana Cristina
Size 88.6
Latest Version 1.0.29
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

If you are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur in the automotive business, do not ignore the game Junkyard Tycoon. This game is guaranteed to bring you great entertainment through its engaging gameplay. Of course, at first, you will be just a humble businessman with little capital in hand, but with time, you will accumulate wealth and be able to own a variety of vehicles. This game will teach you how to trade wisely and give you practical skills for gaining money.

Introduce Junkyard Tycoon

Introduce Junkyard Tycoon

Junkyard Tycoon is an interesting simulation game published by Lana Cristina. In this game, you will be transformed into a businessman and owner of a company in the automotive business. As a result, playing this game will teach you the most effective ways to start and run a business. The profit you make will come from buying and selling old products at a higher price.

When starting a company, you will always face challenges because you have little capital and lack experience. To generate money, you should invest in the proper goods and put a lot of time and work into disassembling each component before selling it to the garage owners. If you're fortunate, a car with a good engine can make you up to tens of millions of dollars.

This game is designed with exciting role-playing gameplay and has a user-friendly interface that will undoubtedly be able to satisfy your need for entertainment.

Set Up Your Own Company

You will be able to start your own auto dealership in Junkyard Tycoon. Like any other entrepreneur, you must establish and run a company before expanding it into a large enterprise.

Your job will be to purchase a lot of secondhand automobiles, disassemble them, and then prepare the pieces for sale to the garage owners to turn a profit. People who want to sell will find the company right away. After bringing the item to you, they will wait for your response. If you're fortunate, you might be able to buy engines that are still in good condition, which would be your significant chance to make money.

In addition, the vehicle or vehicle parts placed in the warehouse will be charged differently by the buyer. It works like an auction, the prices are constantly changing, and the numbering is displayed on the screen. So you need to wait for the highest price and hit the sell button to complete the transaction.

Unintended Risks

When purchasing and disassembling used automobiles in Junkyard Tycoon, you will take some risks, just as in real life. In other cases, such as when a vehicle was initially owned by a terrorist or criminal, you will undoubtedly be in danger if the vehicle had bombs or other potentially lethal weaponry. Immediately after that, you will notice two arrows moving back and forth on a slider on the screen. They cannot be sold if two arrows are in the blue space. Additionally, the SWAT team will find you and fine you if you place it in the red zone. The only way they can be bought and sold is when one of the two arrows slides out.

In addition, a problem you will encounter when participating in this game is that every time you buy or abandon a car, you will have to wait a long time to receive your next order. So don't let your time go to waste; you can take advantage of it to make more money.

Upgrade And Grow Your Company

Upgrade And Grow Your Company

In actuality, your business is initially not much different from a scrap yard. The company's operating space will be modest and constrained. You can only start from level 0 parking, cellar area, car repair, and small storage. Therefore, updating is actually required for your business to develop.

You might use the money you earn after putting in a lot of effort to upgrade the business. To accommodate huge automobiles, you can increase the parking space's size and improve the slot to level 2 or 3. Build disassembly and repair workshops to speed things up. Additionally, you must upgrade the warehouse to accommodate more inventory or the baler machine to increase your orders' storage capacity and processing speed.

Unremarkable Graphics And Sound

Unremarkable Graphics And Sound

Most of the graphics in Junkyard Tycoon were drawn by hand, which is rather humorous. However, this has inadvertently made the game's graphics not too sharp. In addition, the interface of the game is also designed to be very simple and intuitive. So even if you are a new player, you can completely get used to this game easily.

Besides, you will hear soft music being played in the game's backdrop. Even the sound effects don't add much, and it's nothing particularly noteworthy. However, we think that the game's many intriguing elements will make up for these drawbacks.

Download Junkyard Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Junkyard Tycoon will bring you an exciting trading experience. This game knows how not to bore players by providing gameplay that is not too difficult but requires a lot of brainpower, and you always have to come up with new ideas to improve your business. Additionally, you will have to put in a lot of effort during the game if you want to become a billionaire and own a billion-dollar business. Junkyard Tycoon MOD APK presents a clearer image of labor, "no job, no money," compared to idle business simulation games. So, if you want to strengthen your willpower, download this fun game to your Android phone immediately.