I Am Archer APK 1.1.18 (Unlimited Money)

I Am Archer
App Name I Am Archer
Genre Strategy
Developer XIJI Game
Size 48.3MB
Latest Version 1.1.18
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 07, 2022 (1 years ago)

I Am Archer is a strategy game that takes you to fierce wars to defend and compete for territory. Here, you will lead your army through many long stages to repel enemy forces that want to reach your property. The difficulty will increase as the level does. As a result, to destroy the enemy more quickly, you need to develop income tactics and strengthen your army accordingly. This game features a reasonably straightforward control scheme, top-notch two-dimensional graphics, and a few unique fighting units that will make you thoroughly enjoy this engaging gameplay.

Introduce I Am Archer

I Am Archer, a game about archery, is another addition to the array of strategic games offered by XIJI Game. You may find the name XIJI Game very familiar because this publisher owns some of the prominent strategy games on the market, such as I Am Wizard or I Am Warrior.


This mobile strategy game unfolds a brutal war through an impressive description: Ignite the flames of war. You will assume the role of an elite general in this game, commanding your devoted army and actively taking part in the defense against the opponent's sustained attacks on your monument. In addition, you will need to complete various missions, including building your colony or going to war with others to expand your territory, etc.

You should remember that each side in a conflict has an equal probability of winning. The fundamental requirement for success is the ability to seize opportunities, employ forcefully, and apply the proper strategy in each match. Therefore, to be a successful leader and defend your domain, you must exhibit sharp, excellent thinking.

Simple Gameplay

In actuality, strategy games will have straightforward gameplay and do not call for a wide range of abilities, but they will improve the player's intelligence throughout each game.

When starting with I Am Archer, you are only given one archer to fight. To build a powerful army, you must fight at each level to recruit more soldiers. Only when you destroy all the enemies will you win. So, usually, victory will depend on how you build your squad and battle tactics.


Additionally, winning gives you the opportunity to gather tools and supplies that you may use to strengthen your army. You will receive innumerable worthwhile gifts for each victory. So, seize the chance to win in every match.

Collect Powerful Soldiers To Strengthen Your Army

In I Am Archer, you will be selected from about 17 soldiers with different genres. Each soldier will have a unique fighting style and weapon. As a result, you can easily assemble an army that works with your plan. For instance, while wizards and archers deal primary damage, cavalry will perform melee attacks and tank defenses.

By winning battles, you can amass soldiers, which you can receive from the opposition. Additionally, soldiers are available for purchase in the store using diamonds. These soldiers will be more exceptional and stronger.


Power Up Archers

You can upgrade your soldiers through the items you get after winning battles. However, you can give the archer more power first, followed by the other soldiers, to gain an early-game advantage. It is crucial to upgrade your warriors because, in addition to strategy, it may help you win.

Enjoy The Exciting Endless Mode

In addition to the standard fight mode, you can play the captivating and difficult Endless mode. You won't be able to utilize all of your soldiers in this mode. The cause is that a few of your soldiers will become enchanted and turn against you. You won't know which soldiers will betray you because they will be chosen randomly. However, the payout in this mode is very alluring after each victory. In particular, you will have the chance to acquire 1% of the game's most expensive currency, diamonds.


Unremarkable 2D Graphics And Sound

Unfortunately, I Am Archer won't be able to satisfy your desire for a game with vibrant 3D graphics. However, this game's aesthetics have been modified to fit its straightforward gameplay. As a result, even if the game is simply 2D in design, you will still get the best possible gaming experience. Ancient photos and simple objects make up the game's basic context. The characters are also fairly plainly constructed, and even the fall battle effects are not overly complicated.

Additionally, the game's audio is nothing exceptional if all you hear is the repetitive background music and primary sound effects. Because players will want to concentrate on the game rather than be distracted by the sound, this is still comparatively appropriate for strategy games.


Download I Am Archer MOD APK for Android

Although I Am Archer has simple gameplay, with a unique context and a bit of an ancient war, this game is guaranteed to give players a new experience than other games of the same genre. No enemy is weak in battle. Therefore, it's up to you to use strategy, leadership, and other skills to outperform your foes. Do not wait to begin playing this intriguing game.