Huyền Thoại Nhẫn Giả APK 1.0.0 (Originals)

Huyền Thoại Nhẫn Giả
App Name Huyền Thoại Nhẫn Giả
Genre Simulations
Developer Manh Tuan Nguyen
Size 487.9MB
Latest Version 1.0.0
Mod info Originals
Update October 20, 2022 (1 years ago)

The Legend of Ninja is a must-play if you want to play a Naruto-themed game where you can receive the aid of numerous well-known Ninjas from the manga to help you on your quest to become a great Hokage. The Legend of Ninja has reproduced the greatest battles with beautiful original graphics and more than 100 Ninja characters.

Download The Legend of Ninja MOD APK For Android

In the action game The Legend of Ninja, players take on the role of a ninja with the goal of rising to the position of Hokage, the supreme ninja in Konoha. With a variety of appealing features and engaging gameplay, the game version offers thrilling experiences for players of all ages. If you like the Naruto comic characters, you shouldn't pass up this game. To feel like a powerful Ninja, download the game directly to Android devices.


Introducing The Legend of Ninja

The Legend of Ninja is one of the most well-known video games that capitalizes on the Ninja and Naruto themes to draw players of all ages. You are turned into one of the more than 100 different characters in this game and you’ll engage in exciting battles to fulfill your ambition of being the best Hokage.

The heated, aggressive, and dramatic matches in this game are what draw people in. You will engage in turn-based combat. To assemble the strongest Ninja squad, you can recruit characters in different systems. 

In The Legend of Ninja, every character possesses a unique fighting style. Ninja level A will specifically have three skills, while level B will only have one skill. Gamers must upgrade their characters with money in order to make them stronger.


Gameplay The Legend of Ninja

The plot of The Legend of Ninja is exploited when little Naruto was a mischievous youngster. Naruto's process of maturing and strengthening is depicted throughout the game. You can select your preferred character in the game. Participate in turn-based combat with automatic controls. To build the best fighting squad, demonstrate your abilities and tactical thinking.

The Legend of Ninja production team has introduced several fresh points in this version. The character system is divided into 6 different systems, each system is a character in the squad. The game features numerous exciting battles with a variety of missions.

Each Ninja will have six boxes to wear equipment, which are objects that help Ninja boost their strength. Equipment can be obtained through quests, loot from enemies, boss hunting, and shop purchases. The amount of stars will determine how powerful the equipment is, the more stars, the stronger.


Missions in The Legend of Ninja

The game's tasks are quite varied, including main quests, daily missions, events, and more. Numerous other subtasks will be included for each category to keep the game interesting and motivate players to keep playing. You will acquire a variety of useful items such as rings, costumes, weapons,etc to bolster your strength with each assignment that is successfully accomplished.

Character skills

In Legend of Ninja, every character possesses a unique fighting style. The well-known ninja from Naruto will appear in the game, including Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, etc. They all resemble the original character in terms of appearance. 

The six opposing systems of ninja are Fire, Wind, Thunder, Earth, Water, and Yin-Yang. Gamers must upgrade their characters with money in order to make them stronger.

The character will have more or fewer skills depending on their level of strength as mentioned above. For instance, the A-rank Sasuke has up to 3 skills, however the B-rank Ninja Mizuki only has one skill. 

Graphics and Sound

The Legend of Ninja has a graphic style that closely resembles the original, with recognizable character outlines, flawlessly rendered combat postures, and famous scenes that have appeared.  Furthermore, there are stunning effects and amazing skills that will make you admire them.

Many renowned songs from the popular Naruto anime series can be found in The Legend of Ninja, which both makes you feel at ease and gives you more vigor for battle. Every character in the game has a voice that is similar to how they sound in the Naruto anime.


This game has interesting new gameplay and a variety of one-of-a-kind features. Do you want to participate in exciting battles? Want to experience what it's like to fight with other characters as a ninja? Download the game and play it right away to get started with this version of The Legend of Ninja.