Hungry Dragon APK 5.2 (Unlimited Money)

Hungry Dragon
App Name Hungry Dragon
Genre Arcade
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Size 137.9Mb
Latest Version 5.2
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update August 10, 2022 (1 years ago)

Tired of playing strategy or action games? Want to take on the role of a giant beast and enjoy the thrill of consuming everything? Visit Hungry Dragon right away. Here, you are free to explore the magnificent medieval world while witnessing ravenous dragons scour the skies and eat whatever is in their path. In particular, some exciting challenges await you to explore in many environments and settings. So what are you holding out for if you don't play this alluring game right away?


Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK for Android

You may fully enjoy a terrific gaming experience with Hungry Dragon with just one Android device. You are led to insane and fierce matches by this game. Your dragon will lose blood as a result of its relentless hunger. To keep it alive and get rewards, you must regularly feed it. Despite its immense strength, your dragon is not a champion and will still be susceptible to harmful objects and other enigmatic threats. To strengthen your dragons, you must enhance them. Your trip will be more enjoyable as a result.

Introducing Hungry Dragon

Like the role-playing games by Ubisoft Entertainment, Hungry Dragon lets you command a unique fire-breathing dragon to take on various thrilling in-game challenges. Your main objective is to manage your hunger while simultaneously using incredible strength to breach the enemy's defenses and eat anything that is placed in your path. Epic and fantastic flamethrower methods can be unlocked to help you defeat adversaries efficiently.

You will also have the option of selecting from various dragon species, each of which has particular strengths and skills, depending on your needs. Take your dragon to the new world of the hilarious "large fish, small fish" game to solve several thrilling obstacles in the game. Play with your friends and other players to win the most fantastic dragons.

The Gameplay is Simple But Attractive

A very adorable dragon named Nibbler will be your friend when the game first begins. This dragon is not your normal one; it constantly feels hungry and craves food. The Nibbler can devour nearby animals, including small creatures and enormous birds. Perhaps this dragon could consume the sun if it were more significant. Sounds scary, huh?


So, your goal is to assist Nibbler in consuming as many creatures as possible to survive. A Nibbler's vitality deteriorates and can eventually cause famine whenever it is empty. Keep an eye on the blue health bar in the game's upper right corner to determine how long your dragon survives and how much food it requires to stay alive. Naturally, a giant monster has a more significant rise in life energy, which results in a longer lifespan for the dragon. You must be cautious, though, as dangerous creatures are in the skies. These animals frequently have an odd, unsettling appearance. If eaten improperly, your dragon will not only lose blood and could even die right away.

The dragon Nibbler also possesses incredibly potent fire-breathing abilities. You must feed your dragon prey to raise blood pressure and boost strength to activate fire skills or increase speed.

10 Types of Dragons With Different Skills

In this game, you can unlock up to 10 different dragon species with all colors, styles, and skills. You can also buy equipment that makes dragons better, stronger, and crazier. To power up your dragons, it's essential to properly equip them with valuable items while also ensuring that your dragons are adequately fed. Nevertheless, the main factor in the game's outcome still hinges on the player's flying prowess, not the dragon's strength. Thanks to the game's simple controls, you don't need to worry too much about the operation, but you will need to practice a bit to become an expert.


Furthermore, you can add a variety of animals and pets to your list. Bring them along on every voyage along with your terrifying dragons. Thanks to this, you can combat the dragons' foes more effectively.

Enjoy the Game With Friends and Online Players

You can engage in spectacular challenges in Hungry Dragons with friends and other online players, making the game even more captivating. Prepare yourself to compete in intense competitions while thoroughly enjoying this game. As you defeat your friends and enemies, go up the League of Legends leaderboard. Naturally, you will receive just rewards if you succeed.

Excellent Graphics Quality and Vivid Sound in Each Match

This game immerses you in epic challenges thanks to special 3D graphic effects. Thanks to flexible animations, amazing skill effects, and vibrant interactive landscapes, you may freely explore and enjoy the game to the fullest. You will find the optimized gameplay on your mobile device to be incredibly fluid and compatible.

Additionally, this title's intense and dramatic sound will make things much more exciting. You'll have the best gaming experience possible with vivid sound effects and exhilarating background music.


Hungry Dragon is undoubtedly an excellent mobile game for you during your break because of its entertaining and thrilling gameplay, which isn't any less exciting. Don't forget to ask other friends to join if you want to enjoy the game's thrilling matches with dragons to their maximum potential.