Human: Fall Flat mod apk 1.13 (No)

Human: Fall Flat
App Name Human: Fall Flat
Genre Puzzle
Developer 505 Games Srl
Size 1025.0Mb
Latest Version 1.13
Mod info No
Update October 05, 2022 (11 months ago)

Human: Fall Flat MOD APK is a funny and highly entertaining puzzle game from the developer 505 Games. You'll control the game's funky characters, solve tricky puzzles, and unlock exciting maps so you can travel to in-game destinations.

The game has appeared on other platforms such as PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS4, and it received much love from the gaming community. Currently, the Android version has been released, helping players continue their journey to answer interesting questions on their smartphones.

Human: Fall Flat MOD APK

Human: Fall Flat was released in 2016, and at the time of its release, the game resonated globally with its fun. The most prominent is the humorous experience of the world's leading YouTuber, Pewdiepie. The success of the game does not depend on eye-catching graphics, epic battles, or complex strategic elements. Instead, it is because of simple but addictive gameplay and innovative physics rules from the developer.


By joining the game, you will control the main character, Bob, and help him solve the puzzles in the game. These puzzles are the key for Bob to travel to different locations in the game and explore its vast world. It sounds simple, but you will find many puzzles in the game, and you will have to use your logical wits to help Bob get as far as possible.

Solve tricky puzzles in a funny way

If you've played Dave in Danger, Lep's World, Greedy Raddit, and other popular platformer games, you'll be familiar with the game's mechanics. . Human: all Flat requires you to control the main character Bob to move from one point to another by overcoming various obstacles. These obstacles will be messily arranged, and you need to dig into them to answer the puzzles and successfully reach the destination.

The game adopts a completely new approach, which helps it receive many positive reviews from players. Instead of telling a long and mysterious story, fighting enemies or scary monsters, the game asks you to overcome challenges that seem easy for everyone but very difficult for Bob. That is the factor that makes the game highly entertaining and helps you relieve stress effectively.

Bob is a less intelligent character but very funny. He had a wobbly, unsteady walk, like a drunkard. Therefore, before solving the game's complex puzzles, you need to control Bob completely. It is Bob's clumsiness that helps you have a funny and cute entertainment experience.


The game does not provide hints for answering questions or rules you need to remember. Freedom and creativity contribute significantly to the overall game. You can do whatever you want in the game, with the task of helping Bob through areas to find secret portals, thereby opening up new maps.

Funny controls

The game offers a virtual joystick on the left side for you to navigate Bob, while the two keys on the right help you control Bob's two hands. With Bob's wobbly walk, you will have a rather challenging but laugh-filled experience when controlling this character.

Fun puzzle and discovery game

In each level, you will experience a different theme, and the game will be divided into smaller areas for you to explore freely. Each destination in the game will contain a series of different objects arranged in a jumbled manner, with no specific purpose to follow. You will have to use objects at the destination to answer challenging questions from the developer.

Questions will appear on Bob's journey from the starting point to the destination. They are interesting case questions designed according to the basic rules of physics. Creativity is an important factor in answering questions, as each problem can be solved in many different ways.

For example, Bob is locked in a room with a wooden crate, hammer, nails, and chainsaw. He needs to get out to go to the next destination. You can use magic objects to break the door or create your own ladder to climb the wall and free Bob. It all depends on your logical intelligence and creativity.


Join Friends for Puzzles

Your journey will become much more fun if you join your friends. The co-op mode allows up to 4 players to embark on a puzzle journey. With more participants, the challenges will also be more difficult, but you will be able to combine the creativity of 3 of your friends to solve the situations. This is where the teamwork factor comes into play. Regardless of whether you help Bob get to the end of the journey, the puzzle experience with friends is super fun and worth trying over the weekend.

Funny 3D graphics

The game follows a pretty funny graphic construction style. Although designed in 3D, the details and context in the game look quite vague, like the way a drunk Bob sees the world. However, the most important point for a puzzle game is that the physics are built quite realistically. That gives players a fun and immersive puzzle experience.

Download Human: Fall Flat MOD APK

Human: Fall Flat is a unique puzzle game full of laughter. It provides relaxation and entertainment for players. Join his friends, help Bob solve tricky puzzles, and travel to different destinations in the game. Creativity is the most crucial factor in winning the game, so the game is perfectly suitable to stimulate children's learning and creativity.