Hills of Steel mod apk 4.5.0 (Unlimited Money)

Hills of Steel
App Name Hills of Steel
Genre Action
Developer Superplus Games
Size 132.9Mb
Latest Version 4.5.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

Because of the ferocious tank battles, you will undoubtedly feel excited while playing Hills of Steel. The gameplay in this game is simple, and players of all skill levels will enjoy the competitiveness it fosters. Additionally, numerous other tank types with unique designs and abilities have occasionally been inspired by fictional titles. So, here is a game that can thoroughly and effectively entertain you.

Introduce Hills of Steel 

Hills of Steel is a great tank shooting action game from Round Zero. With engaging yet simple gameplay, your mission in this game will be to race your way through the hills and crush your enemies with steel.

In your quest for victory, you will encounter different challenges. You must destroy enemy tanks to increase your chances of victory. In addition, you can collect loot from fallen enemies. At the same time, enhance your vehicle with the best upgrades and special weapons you can find.


Simple Gameplay

The design of Hills of Steel is entirely similar to fighting games, where each player will have a health bar, which will decrease when they are hit. Therefore, players must navigate the game world while attempting to defeat their foes with the weapons at their disposal. 

In this game, all you need to do is drive ahead or backward to shoot any attackers approaching your tank. However, the environment in the game is not relatively as flat as you think, but it will be rough. You must be careful when moving because the tank's position will impact shooting accuracy based on the properties of the bullet.


Enjoy A Unique Tank Collection

You can play nine real tanks in Hills of Steel, including the Croba, Joker, Titan, Phoenix, Reaper, Barracuda, Telsa, Mammoth, and Arachno. Each tank will have specialized equipment and armaments. For tanks like Cobra, Joker, or Phoenix with strong mobility and low damage, a saw blade is a good option. As you get closer to foes, it enables you to deal damage endlessly. The shield will aid your defense if you utilize Mammoth or Titan.

Additionally, you can upgrade your tank to give it access to combat-specific abilities like bombing, minelaying, self-healing, etc. Six different upgrades are available for each tank, and you must select the best promotion for your tank's type and purpose.

Many Maps and Fun Game Modes

This game includes many maps, just like other role-playing games, so players can freely encounter various terrain and bonuses. There are many of these, such as Midsummer Siege, Winter War, and Desert Assault. After the battle, the Boss Rush map will be where you can get the most coins. However, you will have to utilize the gold or gems amassed in each game to access the map; it cannot be unlocked for free.

In addition, along with the maps, you will also get to choose from three exciting game modes, including Classic, Exploration, and PvP.

You will first engage in a 1v1 match in PvP mode with other people or AI. There will be no more than 60 seconds between battles. Additionally, the 2v2 option lets you fight with your buddies. Your team needs strong coordination between player talents and tactics to prevail in this mode.

Next is to eliminate all the adversaries in your path and take down the tough final bosses in Explore mode. There is no time restriction in this mode, and you can even use a few gems to repair a damaged tank.

Finally, in the classic mode, your goal will be to obliterate the AI's cars and the final boss. Try to get the highest score because this mode's prizes and difficulty will rise over time. In particular, in the "boss only" mode, you only need to fight a series of final bosses, not many types of enemies.

Graphics and Design

Even though Hills of Steel only uses 2D graphics, which aren't as good as those in other tank-related games, the design of the characters and tanks can still make an impression through the funny and lovely in the design. This will make the gaming environment less oppressive, giving you a complete entertainment experience when playing this game.

Besides, you will enjoy a sound system and visual effects corresponding to each game's movement. It helps players forget fatigue and have a fantastic relaxing session by immersing them further and further into this spectacular tank universe.

Download Hills of Steel MOD APK for Android

Generally, Hills of Steel is a fantastic 2D role-playing tank combat game. Even novice gamers will find it simple to get acclimated to this game's user interface and control panel. Furthermore, you can comfortably play the game with your friends and family by choosing from many maps and game modes. Hence, prepare to command powerful armored tanks on your Android phone, take the lead in fights, and go up the leaderboards. Those who enjoy piloting heavily armored vehicles and nonstop action will really enjoy this game.