Hill Climb Racing APK 1.60.0 (Unlimited Money)

Hill Climb Racing
App Name Hill Climb Racing
Genre Racing
Developer Fingersoft
Size 84.3Mb
Latest Version 1.60.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 15, 2024 (1 months ago)

Are you a car lover? Do you dream of traveling around the world with your car? Or you simply need to forget about wasted hours in traffic jams, stuck in crowded lanes that sometimes move bit by bit. You just want to slam on the gas pedal, accelerate past everyone, drive the car into the garage, and relax on the sofa. In Hill Climb Racing, you can do what you want with your own virtual car. Your task is to drive your car through bumpy and dangerous hilly roads. You will have to search for gas tanks on the road to get as far as possible.

Becoming a top driver

In Hill Climb Racing, you will play as Newton Bill - a talented young racer with colossal ambition. With the first Jeep available, you will drive it through tough terrains like uphills, downhills, crossing bridges, rock crevices, and more. Controlling your speed on ramps is an extremely important technique in uphill racing. If you do not do this well, the car is effortless to lose balance, leading to overturning.

Hill Climb Racing is simple to play

Starting the game, Hill Climb Racing gives you a jeep. You can use your money to buy other types of cars, such as a bicycle, truck or even a tank. Experiencing many different kinds of cars will make you feel much more interesting. Each vehicle has different strengths, such as a scooter that is so light to fly in the air or a jeep that goes slowly but certainly.

The car control mechanism is very simple, you just need to properly use two buttons to accelerate and brake to balance the car. It sounds easy but you will see your car like a bouncing ball on the ground. Because this is an off-road driving game, the roads are not uniform, just a small amount during driving is enough to make the car flip and mean you are the loser.

You can do Newton perform stunts, this can be an addictive feature. Stunts like air timing and neck flips are doable with the right amount of presses on both the pedal and the gas pedal. Watch Newton flip his car (flip his car) or get two or three seconds of time in the air and get bonuses for performing stunts.

Unexpected deaths

There are many deaths in various ways in races such as rolling over, hitting your head on a rock, or running out of gas (the reason sounds funny but it is entirely possible). There are a lot of fuel and batteries scattered along the way, you can pick them up to continue your journey.

The vehicle upgrade system in the game

In addition to buying a new car, you can also improve its performance by equipping it with necessary accessories. Shock absorbers and an expensive tire can make your car safer every time you land. Keep playing the game and you will definitely be able to upgrade all Newton's car parts to the maximum.


Maps in the game

With a variety of maps such as hills, deserts, and moons. Each map gives you different difficulties and challenges that require you to be a professional driver to be able to skillfully pass.

Graphics and sound

Although it is simply 2D graphics, the environment in the game is still depicted quite vividly with distant scenes such as a house, a tree, or a few dairy cows grazing grass.

The game also has interesting sound effects and really catchy background music. Wait until you make Newton flip his neck, you will definitely hear the cracking of the car.


Hill Climb Racing does not require too powerful machine configuration

Hill Climb Racing is a good break from the usual fast-paced games of the same genre. Although this game offers fun and exciting gameplay, it comes with outdated graphics, which may be less appealing to some users who love high graphics games.


If you are looking for a game that offers a simple way to enjoy the car racing genre, then this game will be a great choice. Most importantly, it is free and does not need high-performance phones. Let's upgrade your car together and become a great uphill racer!