Heroes Strike mod apk 522 (Unlocked/Free Shopping)

Heroes Strike
App Name Heroes Strike
Genre Action
Developer Wolffun
Size 150.1MB
Latest Version 522
Mod info Unlocked/Free Shopping
Update August 19, 2022 (1 years ago)

Heroes Strike is a survival shooter with a straightforward, compact, but incredibly appealing gameplay. Character systems and a variety of skills will undoubtedly provide you the most novel and fascinating experiences between the fierce player-on-player combat. Create a unique strategy for yourself, and take out your adversary as soon as you can.

Download Heroes Strike MOD APK For Android

Heroes from all across the world congregate at Heroes Strike. Players will engage in a brutal battle where survival depends on whether they win or lose. To construct a variety of strategies and bring your own victory, download the game directly to your Android devices.


Introducing Heroes Strike

Heroes Strike is a visually appealing MOBA fighting game. Together with two other players, you will engage in survival shooting gameplay to eliminate adversaries. Heroes Strike now features Online and Offline versions, allowing players to pick the game mode they prefer.

All players in the game are involved in intense, continuous fighting. Heroes Strike will offer assistance tools to help you do your tasks more effectively. In addition, it is difficult to defeat sophisticated AI opponents from the game, even in the offline edition.

You can modify the settings to fit your phone's configuration. This is crucial since it provides the players with the finest possible experience.

The game starts and ends as fast as the gameplay tempo. You may finish the level and determine your position in the battle in only approximately 5 minutes. Because of this time-saving feature, you can play whenever you want.

Gameplay Heroes Strike

With the movement buttons on the left, the shooting button on the right, and the skills button in the middle, players can simply control the character in this intriguing game. To avoid any issues and help new players quickly adjust to and catch up with the game, there will be detailed and comprehensive first instructions when you first play the game.


In the limited period, players will decide whether to battle as their chosen character or team up with friends to take on other squads.  Before time runs out, try to defeat and dispose of as many opponents as you can. You will be revived after a certain period of time if you unfortunately have to die.The side with the most kills at the end of the combat will triumph.

If you damage and defeat your opponent during the combat, you will get experience gems to level up and unlock new, more powerful talents. The team that kills the most people during the game will be declared the winner, so try not to fight too much and instead employ the appropriate strategies to save your life. 

Take On Several Fresh Game Modes

The game features other engaging game modes in addition to the standard 3v3 mode, including 4v4, dual, and solo games. Each mode has unique attractions that provide gamers a wide range of options. The game will also receive intriguing updates in the future, such as new skills, a tower-breaking mode, or new maps, all of which will provide players access to a variety of fresh experiences.

Third-person perspective will be used to control the character. This mode enables you to more clearly see your surroundings and take strategic action according to the demands of the combat. The maps in this game are also quite meticulously created and detailed. You can ambush adversaries by slipping into some nearby bushes.

Character System

The character system is also quite extensive, diverse, and divided into a wide range of playing challenges. Players have access to 16 generals in Heroes Strike, each with unique abilities, skills, appearances, and fighting positions.

Over the course of play, players will gradually unlock the generals. For the best teamfights, you'll need to understand the character you're controlling and coordinate with your teammates.

Graphics and Sound

Simple 3D visuals, a vibrant color scheme, and eye-catching visual effects are used in the game. Warriors or effects utilizing skills are equally as vivid and in-depth. It offers players a lot of fresh experiences with a system of varied skills and distinctive weaponry.


Heroes Strike features upbeat, frantic background music to give players the feeling of being in a genuine combat, the music seems to urge players to fight to defeat all opponents. A highlight of the game is created by the vibrant sound effects that accompany each move.


Heroes Strike is a game that will undoubtedly provide you with some moments of comfort after long hours of studying and laborious work because of its engaging fights, diverse skill character system, and several unique game variations. Try out the game right now.