Hello Neighbor APK 2.3.8 (Menu/Unlocked)

Hello Neighbor
App Name Hello Neighbor
Genre Simulations
Developer Tinybuild
Size 1174.4Mb
Latest Version 2.3.8
Mod info Menu/Unlocked
Update September 13, 2022 (1 years ago)

With its setting in a strange neighbor's home, Hello Neighbor offers players a remarkably distinctive trip of exploration and adventure. The game will have a ton of enjoyable surprises and innovative gameplay aspects that will make for a very special experience.

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An adventure is taking place right in front of your eyes, Hello Neighbor is a very alluring horror adventure game that draws a lot of players. The game is set in the basement of the main character's house with a mystery neighbor who has recently moved in. Download the game to your Android device and use strategy to win.

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Introducing Hello Neighbor

In the game Hello Neighbor, you take on the role of a guy next door who is incredibly curious about what is happening in the mystery neighbor's home. Choose the day you're going to break in and see what's going on inside, this house has a lot of great stuff waiting for you.

Be cautious with every move you make since the image of the neighbor is built with a mysterious and creepy role that you won't enjoy if you get caught in his home. Complete the missions wisely. Although your first goal will be to break into his home, you still have other challenging missions to do.

Pay close attention to the layout of the house, you'll need to memorize it in order to grasp every space and quickly escape the landlord. The first step is to break in, it is simple to enter but difficult to exit, the issue of leaving the house will be considerably more challenging.

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Hello Neighbor Plot

Nicky Roth, the main character of Hello Neighbor. He was playing on the other side when he heard a loud scream coming from the neighbor's house. When Nicky broke into the house, he saw that Mr. Peterson was storing something in the basement, which appeared to be mysteriously hidden.

After getting lost for some time, Nicky encountered  Peterson and was promptly taken into custody. However, when he woke up, it seemed that someone had untied him. Nicky quickly found a way to escape from the house successfully.

Even though he knew it would be extremely risky, with the curiosity of a child Nicky kept going back to explore his neighbor's home's secrets.

Gameplay Hello Neighbor

As Nicky, the player must sneak into the neighbor's home and solve a series of puzzles in order to uncover the mysteries that are concealed inside. It will also not be easy because in addition to riddles, gamers must also deal with traps and the neighbor's relentless pursuit.

In addition to logic in inference, you also need to be quite accurate in managing situations and a little luck so that the neighbor does not catch you.The trickiest part of the game is memorizing every corner of the house so that you can avoid being surrounded by the landlord or losing a lot of time.

The basic objective of the game is to locate the red key on the second floor and use it to open the cellar door, where Mr. Petersond is holding something. However, it is essential that you do the side tasks, which include a series of puzzles and obstacles, in order to locate the path to the second floor. You will obtain hints for the following step as you solve each puzzle.

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Characters in Hello Neighbor

Nicky Roth: As a curious boy, unintentionally observing Mr. Peterson attempting to hide something in the basement, the young lad decided to sneak in to find out.

Mr. Peterson: Neighbor of Nicky. He was keeping a terrible secret from everyone and didn't want anyone to know. This character serves as the game's major antagonist and will pursue Nicky assiduously.

Mysterious boy: An unidentified and unidentified character who freed Nicky and also made Mr. Peterson stopped pursuing him.

Features in Hello Neighbor

The game will have items that help players. For instance, the mannequins will have the effect of recreating events taking place in the house that helps players understand more about the plot, the crowbar allows you to pry open the cabinet to locate the objects contained inside, and so on.

On the contrary, Mr. Peterson will set up traps for players to fall into. If you tread on one of these traps by accident, Nicky won't be able to move and will need some time to set them off, but he will also make a noise that will draw Mr. Peterson's attention.

Graphics and Sound

The game's graphics have a considerably brighter 3D style in contrast to the game's gloomy, menacing plot. Clear images, vibrant colors and eye-catching.

There will be a lack of voice acting for the characters in order to allow the player to focus on their thoughts, the majority of the game's audio will be relatively quiet. However, you may hear Mr. Peterson's footsteps determine where he is, or when the music is pounding, the neighbor has found you and has begun pursuing you.

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Hello Neighbor will be an intriguing option that you shouldn't pass up. The gameplay emphasizes the puzzle element, and the ingenuity will help you get interesting experiences.  Let's download and enjoy a captivating game that gives you a sense of suspense.