Grow Castle APK 1.39.5 (Unlimited Coins)

Grow Castle
App Name Grow Castle
Genre Strategy
Developer Raon Games
Size 49.5Mb
Latest Version 1.39.5
Mod info Unlimited Coins
Update August 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

Grow Castle MOD APK (Unlimited Money) - Tower Defense, in contrast to many other strategy game genres, features a game with a unique storyline. Here, you must be well prepared to defend against any hostile attack and keep the enemy from invading legally. Play a brand-new game where your goal is to strengthen your army, develop the best soldiers, and construct the front line to protect your castle.


Introducing Grow Castle

Tower defense video games are hugely popular right now. The gaming community pays them a lot of attention since its attractive plot and friendly graphics, and Grow Castle is a fantastic example of this category. Its gameplay is straightforward, and its two principal objectives are to entertain users and take advantage of their tactical skills.

Thrilling Plot

The opening narrative of Grow Castle concerns the invasion of armies of monsters. Their following choice is to attack your kingdom. Fortunately, you have been forewarned of the impending disaster. Most bases were seized because the kingdom's soldiers were relatively few. The castle is currently the final standing base. You will finally and permanently face your adversaries. Fight the fierce battle to protect your castle and your people.

Straightforward Gameplay

Similar to previous defensive games, your main goal is to ensure that your tower is still standing after each wave of enemy strikes. On the initial wave, everything seemed relatively straightforward. The system provides some guidelines for adding troops and playing the game. The right side of the screen was continually being attacked by attackers, who destroyed whatever was in their path. Till the duration of that Wave is through, you will eliminate them.


If you succeed, the following Wave starts with more foes. This indicates that the challenge is progressively getting harder. The monsters' forces, including speed and power, increase the longer the defensive duration. As a result, you must also get more vital to adapt. You may conceive of ways like constructing sub-towers, upgrading the central tower, and hiring more units.

There are two different kinds of towers, primary and secondary. Your objective is the tower, which you must defend from adversaries. The game will stop instantly, and you will have to start again from the previous Wave if it is destroyed at a specific moment. 

The central tower has several unique benefits in that it can house numerous soldier units and has numerous special abilities. They may also be improved to have more HP and MP. Additionally, there is only one space to install units on the auxiliary tower and only one skill; each has a separate skill.

They keep becoming stronger on the other side. Bosses will show up at a specific time. They are large, have more horsepower, and are more destructive. Make sure your army assaults quickly enough so that the tower can withstand them no longer.

The boss is hardly the worst aspect, though. You will likely have to deal with creatures that develop swiftly. They even have their witches and construct towers. She frequently utilized magic to speed up attacks, boost defense, or even summon giant dragons to the battle. This is a foreboding of the challenges you will face in the future.

Arm Yourself With Powerful Weapons and Armor

The game provides you with the most cutting-edge and contemporary weapons. Thus, you should pay attention to the game's resources, gold coins, and purple diamonds since those are needed to enhance your weapons and equipment. Build new towers and recruit more heroes. Players are free to enhance their desired talents.

You will have some downtime following each combat to recover, upgrade, and be ready with fresh gear. Create colonies, employ laborers to boost the amount of gold and diamonds, then utilize the extra cash to strengthen your warriors by training them.

Huge List of Units

Up to 120 troops are available in Grow Castle, allowing you to tailor your strategy entirely. Each of them possesses unique abilities and produces various results. For instance, magicians can freeze foes, wizards can summon thunderstorms, and stoners may hurl heavy objects at foes. Additionally, attack range, damage, and experience points also fluctuate significantly. 

Simple Graphics and Effects

As is evident, Grow Castle is not only straightforward in its gameplay but also its visuals. The characters are merely forms; they don't have faces. However, this does not imply that the design team was careless with this game. They emphasize magical or explosion-based assaults more.


In addition, this somewhat simple graphics system will also make the game more user-friendly, and help players focus on what is more important, the battle to defend the castle. So instead of being a minus, the game's graphics are a significant plus. Overall, they are attractive and continue to intrigue you.

Connect With Friends Worldwide

Create your own fortress. By establishing and expanding a strong, well-known online guild, you may connect with pals to play across five continents. You start the game with simple weapons and little manpower, and as you progress through the game, you steadily improve and upgrade the heroes to become elite army damage weapons and manpower.

Grow Castle - Tower Defense has an extensive player base that spans the globe. Many of these players have developed a clan with numerous great heroes, making it a powerful, well-known faction. Thus, learning when playing with other people will help you to gain more knowledge about the game and easily protect your castle.

Download Grow Castle MOD APK for Android

You will receive infinite gold, crystals, and skill points with the mod APK version. You may swiftly level up from there and take control of the strongest forces. Overall, this game is easy to use, works with Android versions 4.4 and up, and is not too large to download. It features opponents made with amusing pictures and eye-catching visual effects. It features eye-catching visual effects and foes made with humorous images.

The gameplay of Grow Castle - Tower Defense is simple but addicting and is designed to be that way. The game's rules are simple to comprehend, so you won't have to spend much time doing so. To battle like an actual castle defender, simply download and enjoy the game.