Green Farm 3 APK 4.4.3 (Unlimited Money)

Green Farm 3
App Name Green Farm 3
Genre Casual
Developer Gameloft
Size 22.9MB
Latest Version 4.4.3
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update August 15, 2022 (1 years ago)

A very appealing farm simulation game, Green Farm 3 features stunning, lifelike graphics and dynamic audio. By using hints from your own quests or business plans, you will be able to manually construct and upgrade your farm. All you have to do is start rebuilding it by establishing farms, raising cows, and planting trees. When you need help and support, all good neighbors are ready to assist you.

Download Green Farm 3 MOD APK For Android

Since Green Farm 3 has strengths that other farm games do not, it continues to provide players with relaxing moments thanks to its exceptional features, which are highly regarded by players. You'll get to see how a farmer works in this version, which is entirely different from the previous one. Download Green Farm 3 for Android devices today to start an exciting journey with a visually appealing farm game.


Introducing Green Farm 3

Despite their simplicity, farm games always draw a crowd. The popular gaming series Green Farm is one of them. Gameloft has released up to the 3rd version, this demonstrates how well-liked this farm game is. In addition to the gameplay, Green Farm 3 also dazzles with how it guides and draws players into the virtual world.

When you play Green Farm 3, you take on the role of the person who inherits the farm. However, this farm is in jeopardy of going out of business. You must act quickly to save the farm. Plant, breed, and renovate everything is the player's responsibility. Even though the work is challenging, it brings you joy because your neighbors in Green Farm 3 are constantly prepared to assist you in times of need.

The more diligently you work, the quicker you'll advance and get promoted. You can access helpful features and tougher challenges each time you complete a level. 

Gameplay Green Farm 3 

After receiving the old farm, you must finish the tasks to support the farm's growth and gradually raise the income from the agricultural products you produce. You can find a variety of farm jobs, such as planting trees, caring for animals, or preparing foods and beverages using ingredients you generate.

Furthermore, you can purchase additional equipment and tools, such as pet food manufacturing equipment, granaries to store additional agricultural products, or land to expand your plant-growing operations.


Your farm will grow and you'll become wealthy more quickly with the aid of these tools. You will also face challenges to help you grow your business, such as those requiring you to buy new goods or assist neighbors. You will receive extra coins, cash, and stars for completing the task, which you can use to upgrade your farm, purchase more things,etc.

Features in Green Farm 3

- There are more standouts in Green Farm 3 than in other games of the same genre. Additionally to stunning graphics, this product has many fascinating features. Just return home and live a quiet and peaceful life, raising livestock and planting trees.

- It's incredibly simple to get used to farm games. Your main responsibilities as a farmer are to grow crops and care for livestock. Start small if you want to have a large farm with beds of green vegetables, a herd of cows and pigs.Let's care for them by using our own hands. Take care of the trees until the day you pick the fruit. As the fruit grows, you should harvest it and sell it to earn money. 

- Farming requires a lot of labor. You will level up more quickly the harder you work. Higher levels allow you to access more unique features. Specifically, the breeds and rare animals or the breeding area.

Currencies in Green Farm 3

Coins and cash are the 2 currencies in Green Farm 3. You can earn money in the game by selling crops and animals. When you have money, you can buy more essentials like seeds and supplies for repairing and enhancing your farm. In contrast, coins are a more advanced form of money, earning them requires a lot of effort in daily tasks.

Graphics and Sound

Green Farm 3 features extremely adorable graphics, vibrant colors, and a simple 2D design. From planting to harvest, plants and flowers can change shape. The animals are free to move around and develop in terms of appearance and size.


The game's sound is crisp and varied thanks to the sounds of animals like pigs, cows, and chickens. Additionally, when you work, sounds are made while performing tasks such as the sound of a processing device,etc, giving you more genuine, intriguing experiences.


Green Farm 3 gives you a realistic farming experience in both visuals and sound. You will be able to work in livestock and farming, create your own farm, select plants and animals that will yield the greatest profits. Quickly download the game to freely build your own business.