Grand Theft Auto V APK 1.08 DATA (Port PC to Android)

Grand Theft Auto V
App Name Grand Theft Auto V
Genre Action
Developer Rusergames
Size 2.6GB
Latest Version 1.08 DATA
Mod info Port PC to Android
Update August 12, 2022 (1 years ago)

One of the most popular video games of all time is Grand Theft Auto V. With the open-world gameplay of the GTA series, GTA is truly a blockbuster for gamers that enjoy this role-playing game subgenre. GTA V always draws players with extreme graphics, a compilation of epic role-playing actions. You can play GTA 5 with pals and build your own city with a ton of new features.

Download Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK For Android

Gamers and industry professionals alike always appreciate the title Grand Theft Auto,or GTA. Download GTA V for Android right away to enjoy the game with an extremely well-designed virtual world, extremely beautiful graphics, realistic and vivid images.


Introducing Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V, usually abbreviated GTA V, is a well-known open-world game created by Studio Rockstar North under the Rockstar Games.The two American cities of Southern California and Los Angeles serve as the inspiration for the game's open world, 3D perspective and rendering design took up the majority of the game's production time.

The developer was successful in producing a game with a captivating plot. There is also an open world where you can complete objectives and demolish the entire city. Alternately, you might just immerse yourself in the game store's expensive car world.


In contrast to other versions, this one lets players manage up to three primary characters. With new driving and shooting features for Grand Theft Auto V, the developers have managed to standardize the action gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto Plot

The developer of the game created it in an original open-world format that lets players freely explore everywhere, including rural landscapes, forests, large deserts, the populated and energetic city of Los Angeles-Santos, which is modeled like real-life Los Angeles.

Grand Theft Auto V will let you control 3 main characters of the game, Franklin, Michael and Trevor explore the city of Los Santos. Together these three protagonists will stir up the underground of the city of Los Santos, engaging in combat with hostile forces and the Los Santos police force.

Each character will have their own plot, but they will all be connected by a common thread.

Gameplay Grand Theft Auto V 

The setting of GTA V is based on Los Angeles, California. The architecture and incredibly realistic nature sceneries of Los Santos are the result of careful planning. Grand Theft Auto V's open world is constantly buzzing and filled with interesting stuff for players to explore.

It would be a shortcoming for players to merely take in the magnificent metropolis of Los Santos from a third-person point in such a carefully finished open world. Realizing that mistake, Rockstar gave game players a first-person perspective, which increased the realism of driving, shooting, and sightseeing in Grand Theft Auto V.

As mentioned above, first-person shooter (FPS) and third-person shooter (TPS) are both supported. You can travel around in this virtual world by following your footsteps or by employing a mode of transportation to get to your destination more quickly.

The mission in GTA V is quite intricate because there are three primary character lines. Franklin, Michael, and Trevor each have a variety of quests, yet they are all interconnected to form a strong and coherent story. In addition to the primary mission system, Grand Theft Auto V's tasks are also quite varied that include activities like racing for fun, robbing banks, and more.

Features in Grand Theft Auto V 

Grand Theft Auto V's open world is one of its best features, but what makes it unique are the player interactions and events that happen in Los Santos. Rockstar always adds in-game events to make the game more alluring. 

In GTA V, players are able to engage in any activity they want, including driving and racing, creating a business to get wealthy, robbing banks to complete missions,etc.

The reason GTA V consistently ranks among the best-selling titles is due to its online feature. The game updated on a monthly basis with a ton of fresh content, new quests, and tasks for gamers to complete. 

You may also play GTA V online with your pals and explore the expansive metropolis of Los Santos or work together to complete one of the game's special missions.The game will have mysterious and hidden events, requiring players with an exploratory to find out. One of its highlights is unclear how many mysteries are present in GTA V.

Graphics and Sound

Rockstar has been so successful in replicating the gorgeous and colorful city of Los Santos that the aesthetics of GTA V have become the norm for open world games today. The game's world is particularly vivid because of the meticulous creation of external effects including weather, roadside plants and water on the beaches.


Every sound in the game, from the human voices to the environmental sound effects, offers gamers a sense of reality. If you wear headphones while playing, you can hear the sound of the wind or the waves breaking on every sandbank, even the smallest sound.


Grand Theft Auto V has been and continues to be a legendary game in the hearts of all gamers,not only being loaded with significant revenue successes, but also having several nominations and accolades. Try it out to see what the experience is like and to discover why the game is so popular.