Grand Theft Auto IV mod apk 1.0 (OFFLINE)

Grand Theft Auto IV
App Name Grand Theft Auto IV
Genre Action
Developer Rockstar Games
Size 229.0MB
Latest Version 1.0
Mod info OFFLINE
Update August 17, 2022 (1 years ago)

The GTA video game series by Rockstar has grown to become one of the most well-known in the gaming world thanks to its distinctive gameplay, compelling plot, and gorgeous graphics. By advancing the core aspects of its predecessors, Grand Theft Auto IV has given players access to a whole new universe, one with many political components and packed with the cunning and intrigue of the underworld.

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The Grand Theft Auto IV plot and mission sequence supposedly were the best in the series' history, and the game helped set the stage for many of Rockstar's later works. To enjoy the most alluring features that GTA IV has to offer, download this game directly onto Android devices.


Introducing Grand Theft Auto IV

Players of Grand Theft Auto IV are introduced to the character of Niko Bellic, an Eastern European war veteran who comes to America in order to leave behind his sinful past and begin a new life. However, in contrast to his initial expectations, he is quickly drawn back into the dark side of society.

When he reunites with his cousin Roman, he finds that Roman's fortunes are nothing more than fabrications used to conceal Roman's subpar apartment, his taxi company's impending bankruptcy, his gambling debts, and his disputes with other usury lenders. Niko decides to assist Roman with problems and leads him into the city's criminal world for the first time.

Gameplay Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is an action and adventure game played from a third-person perspective in which the player takes on the role of Niko Bellic. The gameplay is rather simple to grasp. In order to move forward through the game's content, players must accomplish assigned missions.


Players can explore Liberty City in the game's open world or complete optional side tasks in addition to the main objective. Additionally, GTA IV offers a multiplayer option that supports up to 32 people, enabling players to cooperate and compete with one another.

Multiple missions

There are more than 90 plot missions, depending on your skill level, it could take you anywhere from 25 to 45 hours to finish them all. The task system in GTA IV is relatively similar to that in the earlier games. Examples include reaching the destination, pursuing the target, eluding capture by the police, robbing a bank, etc.

There will occasionally be repetitive activities, but you can rest assured that the game won't get monotonous. Each mission's setting, the variety of enemies, and the dramatic dialogue keep GTA IV from becoming boring.

The publisher has also improved a unique aspect of the game in which you can choose whether to kill or spare the adversary throughout particular missions. 

Character System

In addition to the main character Niko Bellic,there are 5 close buddies who will stick by each other throughout the gaming circuit.

  • Roman Bellic: cousin of Niko Bellic, who always pursues the "American Dream".
  • Little Jacob: a trusted friend of the Bellic brothers who deals drugs and weapons from Jamaica.
  • Patrick McReary: who frequently joins Niko on popular quests.
  • Brucie Kibbutz: who boasts about his wealth and power, will get involved in side activities like racing and auto theft.
  • Dwayne Forge: a "seasoned" gangster.

There will also be supporting characters or individuals that the player must meet, guide, or defeat in order to advance the game's plot.

Weapons and Vehicles

GTA IV contains a total of 16 weapons that are split into 2 power levels as opposed to the previous games' 3 levels. Each weapon will be referred to by a common name rather than having its own name. In the game, weapons can be found on the ground or on the map, with orange lights all around to make them easy to find.

With a sizable selection of up to 123 different vehicles, players may easily try out a wide range of vehicles, from expensive sports cars to bunker Jeeps, planes, boats,etc.

Graphics and Sound

The images and color has been used in a more realistic and detailed approach. High definition images are displayed, enhancing the player's enjoyment of the experience. Besides that, Rockstar intends to provide players a realistic and lifelike experience, thus the effects and movements of each character have been smoothed out.


More than 200 songs were performed in GTA IV, and the majority of them were either original recordings or remixes tailored to the events and ambiance of Liberty City. The game's murky, gloomy side became bolder thanks to the song, which also boosted the player's experience's level.

The sound of movement around the character from far to near has a marked change. The publisher of the game has also paid close attention to even the smallest sounds in the game, they are refined and raise the game's appeal.


Grand Theft Auto IV marked a turning point for this series of games as well as leaving gamers with many unforgettable moments in their hearts. Download the game right away and have a thrilling journey.