Gacha Life APK 1.1.14 (Unlimited Money)

Gacha Life
App Name Gacha Life
Genre Casual
Developer Lunime
Size 99.2Mb
Latest Version 1.1.14
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update August 26, 2022 (1 years ago)

Gacha Life is a type of video game created by Lunime Inc with adorable chibi visuals and upbeat colors. Players can customize the interface, unleash their creativity and build a character according to their own personality. Gacha Life will take you to the lovely cartoon world.

Download Gacha Life MOD APK For Android

Gacha Life is a really appealing and captivating game that has a wealth of beneficial features just waiting to be explored. Download Gacha Life for Android right away to rapidly create a cute cartoon character and plot out your own tale.


Introducing Gacha Life

In the game Gacha Life, you can create whatever anime-style character you like and freely select the best outfits to make that character stand out. Players can create a distinctive character from among the more than 20 available characters by selecting from hundreds of eye-catching costumes in Gacha Life's inventory.

Players can alter the eyes, nose, mouth, and other features of character based on their preferences, which possessing an elite appearance and other highlights will attract more people.

Design a Standout Character

Designing a character for yourself is the first step towards entering the Gacha realm. Numerous various colors and forms are customizable. In particular, you have the freedom to alter the character's appearance whenever you like. Feel free to create a character according to your own personality.

To make it simpler for you to choose and use, there will be more than 100 sets of hair and accessory combinations in various colors. Additionally, you can change the character's color and height.


There will be clear instructions for novice players as soon as you start the game. You will control your character in typical daily activities like meeting new people, making more friends, or simply roaming around the neighborhood, much like in a simulation game.

When using Studio mode, you will be photographed alongside other characters when using Studio mode. Not only can you pose and design your own character, but you can also customize the extra characters.

Besides, for more stamina and gifts, players can collect them through the Gacha shop. With each gift the player opens will be added to the collection. Let's get to know and make a lot of online friends in the game to shop, play games together or can interact with each other. It will definitely bring you many memorable experiences.

Numerous Intriguing Mini-games

Players can collect a lot of diamonds and Gacha for their collection when participating in 8 Mini Games including:

Ichi’s Math: Players will work on math problems with Ichi, who will then ask questions that you must correctly answer within the allocated time.

Bex’s Festiva: You will accompany Bex moving back and forth to catch fried chicken balls falling from the sky.

Duck & Dodge: Linu was transformed into a duck, and ducks frequently dropped from the sky. Let's assist Linu in navigating left and right to avoid those ducks.


Phantom’s Remix: As the music beats, the player must touch the note bars.

Narwhal Sky: Touch and hold the unicorn to fly, collect stars and dodge crescent moons.

Orca Sploosh: To keep the balloons from falling into the water, the whale must move back and forth while juggling them.

Picc Pawket Rhythm: Tap the note bars as the tunes intersect.

Abushu Candy Toss: To acquire candy, players must touch the appearing bunnies in the crater. Avoid missing the candies, otherwise you will lose.

To earn many rewards, strive to successfully perform the mini games.

Graphics and Sound

Gacha Life using a straightforward but equally endearing and beautiful 2D graphic style. Character creation is completely up to the players. Most impressive is that Gacha's wallpapers always provide players with a lot of enjoyment, a variety of themes and vibrant colors.

The background music in the game is also funny and adorable, which makes players feel refreshed. Participating in the Gacha Life will make you happy and relax.


Gacha Life is a game with straightforward 2D graphics and adorable chibi character illustrations. In the world of Gacha, players can build an anime character according to their own personality. If you enjoy anime, Gacha will transport you to the fascinating world of anime. To experience and learn about the many special features waiting for you, download the game right away.