Football Strike: Online Soccer mod apk 1.34.3 (Unlimited Money)

Football Strike: Online Soccer
App Name Football Strike: Online Soccer
Genre Simulations
Size 95.2MB
Latest Version 1.34.3
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 03, 2022 (11 months ago)

Football Strike: Online Soccer MOD APK is a game released by which is also the developer of another popular sport called 8 Ball Pool. The game allows football fans around the world to experience the feeling of the two most important positions on the field, striker, and goalkeeper. You can transform into football superstars, challenge the best strikers and goalkeepers in the world, and shine in epic matches.

Football Strike MOD APK

Football Strike MOD APK

Football Strike APK is a simple-level football simulation game. You won't be in the full game, but instead, you're just doing what's most important in a football game: scoring from stunning shots or flying to save. powerful shots of the opponent.

The game allows you to participate in short matches with a duration of 2 minutes each. You will be able to choose one of two positions to play, striker or goalkeeper. If you choose the goalkeeper, you will have to use your judgment skills to block the opponent's powerful shots. Not only the direction, but you also need to correctly guess the height of the ball to make a clearance like a professional goalkeeper, thereby helping your team win.

If you choose the striker position, you will have to think about the angle of the shot, the power of the shot, and the spin of the ball to make the most difficult shots, thereby not giving the opposing goalkeeper a chance to save. The more goals you score, the more chances your team will have to win.

Simple Control Mechanism

The game offers a simple control mechanism so that anyone can become a soccer star. As a striker, you only need to swipe the screen to adjust the angle of the shot, the power of the shot, and the spin of the shot. From there, you will create unstoppable shots and make the opponent's goalkeeper give up.

If you are a goalkeeper, you also need to swipe the screen to fly to block shots. You will have to guess the right direction and height of the shot to block successfully. The force of flight is also very important. If you only guess in the right direction, but you lack power or have too much power, you will also have a hard time successfully parrying the striker's shot.

The Appealing Career Mode

The Appealing Career Mode

Career mode has always been of interest to many players in football simulation games because it creates an authentic experience of being a professional soccer player. You will enjoy the entire career of a superstar from the time he was a young and often substituted player until he became the best player or goalkeeper in the world.

You will pass through different levels, in turn, to advance in your football career. Each level will rate your performance from one to three stars. Level prizes will also be proportional to your difficulty and your efforts to complete the level. The more stars you pass the levels, the more valuable rewards you will receive to buy accessories and upgrade your players.

Compete In The Epic Matches With Your Friends

Now, the game allows you to compete with your friends or against opponents worldwide. The game will launch a real-time arena; defeat all of your opponents in this mode to top the leaderboard. The incentives for the top rank will be enormous, so attempt to defeat as many opponents as possible while enjoying an exciting, relaxing time with your friends.

Control Superstars From The Top-notch Teams

You'll love this game if you're a fan of Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Real Madrid, PSG, or any of the other famous teams. The reason is that, you can participate in this game as a member of one of the elite teams indicated above. Furthermore, you may simulate playing in large venues created from the stadiums of major clubs in real life.

Upgrade Your Players

Upgrade Your Players

Hard work is the key to success in any field, and to win more in this game, you have to upgrade your players. By improving them, you may allow your players to practice and enhance their talents. Use the awards you receive after completing previous rounds to purchase skill training courses for your strikers. Scoring has never been easier when you have a high scorer on your team.

Graphics And Sound Quality

Football Strike simulates basic yet beautiful shots using 3D graphics technology. The game will replicate striker shots, the course of the ball, and goalie moves in the most realistic way possible, with unique graphic effects. The game's visuals also run nicely on most Android smartphones, allowing players to enjoy the amusement fully.

Aside from the stunning graphics, the game's creators have also provided the players with a great aural experience. The dynamic atmosphere created by the tens of thousands of spectators in the arena will make your kicks even more spectacular and dramatic. As a result, the game’s sound contributes an amazing part to this game’s attraction.

Download Football Strike MOD APK

Football lovers in particular, as well as those interested in this mobile game that replicates the king of sport in general, now have a lot of options for keeping themselves occupied every evening. Football Strike is designed to satisfy and excite you with its stunning visuals, realistic noises, and wonderfully defined shooting effects. The MOD APK version of the game will give you unlimited money to upgrade your players and buy the necessary equipment and skills to become the best player in the world.