Fishing Hook APK 2.4.9 (Unlimited Money)

Fishing Hook
App Name Fishing Hook
Genre Sports
Developer Mobirix
Size 65.0Mb
Latest Version 2.4.9
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 08, 2022 (1 years ago)

Are you passionate about fishing? Are you the type of person who likes experiences that require high patience in return for delicious fish? Fishing Hook MOD APK will satisfy you all of that perfectly.

Introduce Fishing Hook 

Fishing Hook MOD APK is an exciting fishing game from the developer Mobirix. Participating in this game, you will be traveling across the four oceans on a luxury boat, using the most professional equipment to fish all kinds of fish. The beautiful scenes the game's design team has built will become a perfect fulcrum for enjoying fishing in your way.

This game simulates all that is most intensive in the sport of fishing, and it helps you create a feeling of relaxation and comfort to relieve stress. However, the intelligence of the fish can help them escape at the last minute. So, be very careful and don't be subjective at any time.

Diverse Map System

This game simulates a lot of real locations to satisfy players who love fishing. These include Borneo, Mauritius Island, the Mediterranean, Malacca, Bering, etc. However, you can't get to these seas freely; instead, they need to be unlocked.

Each sea in this game is designed very creatively and gives players a distinct impression. Try to earn a lot of money in the game through fishing activities to be able to upgrade your boat and explore all these exciting seas.

Complex Fishing Mechanics

This game simulates in detail the steps from placing bait to completely catching fish and is not much different from reality. The process from when the fish bites the hook until it is successfully hooked is very complicated and requires a lot of work from you.

You will have to use a strain gauge to track your fishing progress. If you keep it too high, you will damage your fishing rod. On the other hand, be careful not to let this stat get too low if you don't want the fish to escape your hook. Try to keep this stat at the average for as long as possible so that the fish gets tired and accepted into your collection.

One interesting thing is that if you find the fish you caught is too small, you can return it to the ocean. 

Super Cool Store

High-class anglers will be delighted when stepping into the specialized store system of this game. It has all the most specialized equipment for the sport, such as hooks, fishing rods, reels, bait, and fishing lines. Each item has a different cost, creating a specific effect to be worth the money you spend.

Some items will require you to have a certain level to unlock them before purchasing them. It's like a reminder from the publisher about balancing your actual ability with the item's value on sale.

Compete On Leaderboards

If you are confident in your fishing skills and want to step out to challenge all the top anglers in the world, join the online competition mode because it has huge rewards. Try to accumulate experience every day to increase your skills over time. Gradually, you will become one of the best.

This game offers a lot of languages ​​to attract players in many regions of the world. You will meet people with the same passion as you here. Try to learn and join them to share in fishing fun and improve your skills simultaneously.

Graphics And Sound 

The graphics of the game are extremely well designed. It makes the player's fishing experience come alive and not inferior to real fishing. You can completely imagine that you are floating on the sea, holding a fishing rod, and enjoying the cool breezes blowing from all sides during the experience of this game.

High resolution will make the fish realistic in every detail. They look so much like real fish that it makes you feel like they're about to jump out of your screen every time you successfully fish.

The game's sound also contributes to making you feel more relaxed when playing it. You can hear the engine of the boat and the sound of the wind blowing on a peaceful afternoon. However, when a fish bites the hook, the game's sound effects will become more prominent and create a dramatic feeling of a real fight. That means you have to work hard to get a successful fish back to your collection.

Download Fishing Hook MOD APK for Android

Fishing is a trendy sport because it brings a sense of peace to players. However, this game from Mobirix has provided us with many aspects of this subject, including the most challenging battles. With excellent graphics, a diverse map system, and exciting fishing mechanics, this game is perfect entertainment for anyone, whether you are a fishing enthusiast.

If you feel very interested in this game but do not want to spend a lot of time on missions to earn a lot of money, the MOD APK version will help you do that. This version will give you unlimited money to comfortably buy the most modern equipment. So download Fishing Hook now to join the great entertainment with the world's top players.