Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK 6.84.0 (Unlimited Money)

Extreme Car Driving Simulator
App Name Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Genre Racing
Developer Axesinmotion Racing
Size 268.6Mb
Latest Version 6.84.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 08, 2022 (1 years ago)

Extreme Car Driving Simulator from the publisher AxesInMotion Racing is the perfect game for those who want to experience the feeling of traveling through the streets with expensive supercars. With a realistic physics simulation platform along with close-to-original models of supercars from famous manufacturers like Lamborghini or Ferrari, this game is worthy of your entertainment time through the feeling of the excitement it brings.

Create The Ultimate Show With Supercars

Suppose you have ever watched the famous Fast and Furious series. In that case, you must have dreamed of becoming a great racer, sitting behind the wheel of the most fantastic supercars, and performing crazy santo moves in the air like what Toretto Dominic or Brian did; and this game will help you make it come true.


To familiarize you with the control system, the game's interface will display different buttons, such as the accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and 360-degree steering wheel for you to learn how to drive most conveniently. However, unlike regular car driving simulation games, you do not need to perform tasks such as parking safely or delivering passengers on time, but this game allows you to do whatever you want while driving around the streets. In other words, there are no rules or time limits here, and you simply show off your top driving skills to get the highest score.

Driving technique is the most important factor in Extreme Car Driving Simulator. The more cool moves you make, the more points you will get. Therefore, drive at top speed, then brake hard right in front of the slopes to make the whole city admire your supercar santo a few laps in the air. Practicing these skills will help you improve your steering and gain more scores to unlock more modern cars.


The Wide Streets Are Empty Of People

You don't need to worry about possible accidents or the police force will confiscate your car for street disorder when participating in this game because there is no human appearing in the city at all. Instead, imagine that the whole bustling town would be at home to open wide roads for you to show off your skills. It's great, isn't it?

Collection Of Unique Supercars

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the supercar collection when you play any car-driving simulation game. Although not as diverse as in Asphalt 8, audiences can still be satisfied with advanced models updated directly from automakers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Ford. As long as you own a lot of money, you can visit the store and buy cars that you can hardly own in reality.

In addition, the driving experience also becomes more realistic and impressive when the manufacturer has supported the multi-view feature for players. For example, you can view from behind the wheel, outside the steering wheel, behind the car, or above. This helpful feature will help increase the entertainment in the game, as players can watch their brainchild dance and show off perfect drifts from many different angles.


Impressive Images And Sounds

Overall, this game's graphics and sound are pretty good compared to heavy racing games, with a plus point of this game being that it has a lighter capacity. The aerial santo phases are also wonderfully displayed with a 360-degree viewing angle, and the sounds from the drifts or the engine are also very realistic and impressive. So, this game promises to be an excellent alternative for supercar fans who own mid-range devices.

Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK

With over 100 million downloads from Google Play since launch, the game has confirmed its appeal with its great interface and unique skill displays. If you want to test your driving skills here, you can try the MOD version of the game with unlimited money to easily shop all your favorite supercars.

So what are you waiting for? Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator now to experience the excitement of the Fast and Furious characters as they destroy the vast roads with skill shown like a real racing driver.