Empire Warriors Premium mod apk 2.4.20 (Unlimited All/VIP)

Empire Warriors Premium
App Name Empire Warriors Premium
Genre Strategy
Developer Zitga
Size 91.4MB
Latest Version 2.4.20
Mod info Unlimited All/VIP
Update September 08, 2022 (1 years ago)

If you enjoy TD or RTS strategy games, you must play Empire Warriors Premium. This game is a wonderful synthesis of the two types of gaming—role-playing and tactical. It is set in a dreamy world with numerous living races, including humans, demons, elves, and legendary creatures that no one has ever heard of. Your task is to construct castles and safeguard them from the conflicts of other creatures. Although you can establish the king as your champion or lose, you will definitely experience thrilling adventures in every new land in this title. 

Introduce Empire Warriors Premium

Empire Warriors Premium is an interesting tactical genre game produced by the famous developer ZITGA. The game is set in a fantasy world called Loria, this magical land is full of living creatures, including humans, and unusual creatures such as dwarves, demons, monsters, and other creatures. other mythical creatures. One day, the kingdom of Endia was suddenly attacked by its allies, the Grando Empire, under the control of the dark Orc lord.


In this game, you can become a legendary strategist and aid Prince Jave in keeping the realm safe. Your mission will be to help create ants that can take on the powerful opposing force. Build your empire simultaneously by finding and acquiring superheroes, leading the royal army's training, and using the weapons and spells you already possess. The combat will take place on a variety of terrains, including grasslands, a rainforest where elves reside, dwarves' kingdoms hidden beneath mountains, bogs, and ice mountains, among many other perilous terrains.

Although the gameplay is straightforward, the game's difficulty rises with each round. So employ your leadership skills and tactical acumen to repel the foe's stormy assaults with your towers.

Complex But Addictive Gameplay

Empire Warriors Premium offers players many different game modes. You can practice your skills by approaching from the easiest levels to the hardest levels. Players must invest a lot of thought and intelligence into this game. You must make a thorough plan if you want to defeat the army of darkness. Otherwise, the protective city gates will be taken, and you will fully lose the land.


Combat abilities are yet another crucial component. Join the system's boss training program to gain the most flexible understanding of handling weapons. When fighting, you will see that both sides have a defense tower count that corresponds to two different colors. The winning team will take control of a little plot of land if they can first eliminate every one of their rivals' towers.

Each battle will include a huge monster, in particular. As a result, you shouldn't put too much effort into the small-minded folks first. Instead, defeat the boss by using all of your strength.

Additionally, this game includes an endless mode that offers thrilling trials where lengthy battles are fought to determine who is the greatest. Join this mode and become a legend if you want to amass a large collection of gems.

Build A Defensive Style For Your Liking

You are free to customize your defensive system at Empire Warriors Premium since it gives gamers a variety of alternatives for defense. Build, Fight, and Defend will be your order of operations in this section.

You'll learn about four distinct castles in this game, giving you the chance to develop a ton of brilliant ideas. The first is the Barrack Tower, run by the valiant Endian knights and trains formidable soldiers. You can use these powerful warriors to block your foes' paths and defeat them. The Archer Tower, which does physical damage to adversaries and might buff nearby towers, is the next structure you'll encounter.


In addition, the Magic Tower will be home to the top magicians in the Endia kingdom. You can call special dragons to use as your weapon and deal magic damage when you construct this tower. The Golem tower will ultimately be the Endia kingdom's most potent weapon. The Golem Tower has the ability to launch enormous rocks at foes, dealing tremendous damage across a wide area.

Diverse Character System

Empire Warriors Premium provides players with a fairly diverse character system. Each character will have a unique special ability. They will display their full potential if you can use them correctly and manage the energy source. Some characters, for instance, are exclusively appropriate for using firearms, whereas decent options for swords, spears, and bows are also required.

In addition, you can command powerful legendary characters in this game. To complete any difficult quest, you can select and command three heroes at once. Each hero has three passive skills in addition to one active skill. You need to enhance your heroes to make them more effective against your opponents.

Not to mention, this game will put you through difficult trials with 30 distinct varieties of foes. They all have dreadful looks and distinctive capabilities. Several monsters will try to charge in and overwhelm your army each time you play a match. So take care!

Upgrade Your Defensive Towers And Weapons To Become Stronger

You must strengthen the defense towers while the combat is going on so that you can deal more damage to attackers. Besides, it will be possible for you to maintain and boost the durability of defense towers by upgrading them. 

Don't forget to enhance your character's gear and weapons as well. The amount of HP is also kept because the armor will aid in lowering the attack force to a lighter level. When weapons like bows or guns level up, their damage output increases dramatically. With diamonds obtained from completing daily missions, you can enhance items.

Impressive 2D Graphics With Immersive Sound

Despite being a tactical fighting game, Empire Warriors Premium simply uses basic 2D graphics, refusing to construct any 3D ones. The fact that this game won't take up much space on your phone while yet providing you with the clearest HD graphics available is a minor plus, though. Additionally, the background music in this game is extremely brisk and lively, giving players the impression that they are on a real battlefield. The game's sound effects aren't very noteworthy, but they're sufficient to give each match a stunning mood.

Download Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK for Android

Empire Warriors Premium is a unique Tower Defense game. This game builds simple gameplay and engaging content, making it suitable for all players. Additionally, this game provides a variety of enjoyable game types and challenging obstacles to encourage players' ingenuity in developing strategies. Overall, Empire Warriors Premium is a delightful game that will be ideal for you if you want the challenge of becoming a master tactician.