Dude Theft Wars mod apk (Unlimited Money)

Dude Theft Wars
App Name Dude Theft Wars
Genre Simulations
Developer Poxel Studios Games
Size 216.5Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 12, 2022 (1 years ago)

Dude Theft Wars opens a freedom world exclusively for players. The developer Poxel Studios has created a game that flawlessly mixes the three genres of simulation, action, and amusement. The game is built on bright 3D graphics, along with fun and lively sounds.

Download Dude Theft Wars MOD APK For Android

If playing action and combat games all day has become too monotonous for you, try Dude Theft Wars to feel what it's like to be in riots, have the freedom to roam the streets, taunt the cops, etc. Install right away on Android devices this incredibly entertaining street game.


Introducing Dude Theft Wars

Being a young man in a Mafia city gives you the freedom to act any way you like. By your behaviors, decide if you want to be a good or evil person. The game now has two major modes, online and offline, facilitating you to play without an internet connection.

The storyline

Jack, a young man born into a regular family, is the focus of the narrative. Jack's relationships and daily routine are typical and unremarkable. However, Jack becomes dissatisfied and bored with his existence as a result of all those routine things. Like all teenagers in adults, he desired to rebel, deviate from the status quo, and exhibit the traits of youth.

Due to the city's lax security measures, Jack has found some fantastic ways to escape from monotonous daily activities. For instance, racing across the street, taking a few things from a neighbor's house, or even gathering a few other troublesome young people to rob a bank. In this virtual world game, anything is possible.


Gameplay Dude Theft Wars

When you join Dude Theft Wars, you'll take part in riots in the streets and towns. The left emulator keyboard and right navigation button make it easy to move around and allow for 360-degree rotation to the left and right as well as the back.

Obviously, you are not only alone, but you can also compete with other players, pursue other racers, and drive a range of racing vehicles, from motorcycles to luxury automobiles. You have the option to play alone or with plenty of other players, take part in gun battles, steal automobiles, etc. 

Alternatively, you could participate in chases against police each time you hurt bystanders or demolish village structures, neighborhoods,...And to do that, of course, having weapons equipped is necessary. You may choose, rotate flexibly with tools such as small mines, bombs, baseball bats or other weapons.

Do not be concerned if you are apprehended by the cops. To get freed and to continue causing mayhem, use the money to exchange. When robbing a car, you can also use the money to purchase more tools, sell off existing vehicles to finance the purchase of new ones.

Exciting Game Mode

There are two game modes in Dude Theft Wars, including Dude Mafia City multiplayer and Ragdoll shooting. You can enjoy amazing adventures in the Sandbox universe thanks to the distinct experiences that each mode offers.

Ragdoll mode allows you to shoot and explore a variety of beautiful maps. To obtain the Dude, you must defeat enemy Ragdolls. Next, you take on a gangster's persona in Dude Mafia City mode, perform various acts, such as stealing automobiles, fighting the police, and beating others.


Mini Game

You can take part in minigames in addition to activities in the city. There are numerous fun minigames available for you to play in Dude Theft Wars, including taxi driving, basketball, bowling, and the zombie challenge. You can join the battle against the savage zombies if you wish to demonstrate your abilities. Otherwise, develop into a decent person and drive taxis for extra money.

Graphics and Sound

The game uses simple 3D graphics with cartoon-style descriptions of landscapes, trees, and houses. Bright game colors, game effects like explosive grenades, blood splashes, automobile crashes are made to look very genuine yet do not elicit a sense of terror or violence.

Additionally, the sound effects are incredibly varied and realistic, ranging from footsteps to helicopters, bombing sounds, police sirens, and more. That has improved the feeling of the game, making gamers more fun and more enjoyable.


In general, this is a really intriguing game where you may feel the thrill of extreme racing, engage with other bad guys, poke fun at the cops, and experience a street pursuit all over the roadways. Play the game right away to have unlimited freedom and act anyway you like in the Dude Theft Wars's world.