Dream League Soccer 2021 mod apk 9.12 (Menu, Stupid bot)

Dream League Soccer 2021
App Name Dream League Soccer 2021
Genre Sports
Developer First Touch Game Ltd
Size 503.2Mb
Latest Version 9.12
Mod info Menu, Stupid bot
Update August 03, 2022 (1 years ago)


Football is regarded as the supreme sport, as you may well know since billions of people are enthusiastic about this game all over the world. If you are looking for a football game that allows you to freely build a world-class team with a star cast of players in the football world, Dream League Soccer 2021 cannot be ignored.

dream league soccer 2021 mod apk

First Touch Games Ltd. has already predicted it and published the sports game, Dream League Soccer 2021. As soon as you sign up, you will be able to play in the best matchups. The developer released a new version for gamers to play football on smartphones. Moreover, this game has been updated with several new and intriguing features in this area. Since this football game launched until now, this game has gradually become more and more popular with numerous downloads and an indispensable game on mobile devices, especially for football games.

How to play Dream League Soccer 2021

Players will take on the role of manager of a football team. You will start recruiting coaches for different fields (head coach, fitness coach, gym coach, ...), transfer the world's top star players, set suitable strategies for the team, and directly control the players while competing.

dream league soccer 2021 mod

When playing, the gamers will control the football players by moving the left circle button, the A key is used for shooting, the B key is used for a short pass or low pass, and the C key performs different moves such as moving left, right, stealing the ball, passing the ball, speeding up, as well as finishing.


The main task of the player is to win each match to gradually progress step by step toward the championship trophy. Besides that, the publisher also creates a variety of different side-quests (total of 3 matches, scoring 2 goals in 1 game, ...) with countless rewards such as gold, and diamonds (used for transferring players, upgrading football fields,...) to help players have more goals to strive for.

Players can improve their squad and unlock more new players by using the money they earn. Several well-known players from around the world are available in the Dream League Soccer 2021 including Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappé, Hazard, Pele, and Maradona,... plus a host of more players you have yet to meet.

Each participant will have distinct strength criteria, which will determine how well they can compete. The power and stats of the game increase with player rarity or the amount of money required for purchasing. Players may also utilize the money they earn to boost their stats up to 100.


As introduced above, there are three coaches with different missions:

  • Head Coach: Decides everything related to the team, and is the representative of the players in the game.
  • Fitness Coach: Helps players regain energy after each match.
  • Gym Coach: Help the players increase their strength index.

game dream league soccer 2021

Choosing the right Dream League Soccer 2021 gaming strategy

Before entering the championship, having a team change is important to win, but don't forget that strategy is equally important! It will decide a lot whether you win or lose to go further in major tournaments. There are many tactics for you to choose from for your team. You are the one who decides which strategy to apply first in the match to help your club win the championship cup.

Graphics and sounds

Graphics of Dream League Soccer 2021

The graphics in the game are very vivid and realistic. The image of the players is very similar to their real-life versions. The player's manipulation on the field is very smooth and professional, the stands are large, and the number of spectators coming to watch each match is very large, guaranteed to bring players top-notch, world-class matches.


The sound in the game is very realistic: the background music is catchy, the sound of the audience cheering for their favorite team resounds throughout the stadium, the familiar voice of the commentator in the big football tournaments, and the players' names are read properly, reporting accurately what's happening on the field, guaranteed to keep players entertained.


  • Android: 6.0 and up
  • iOS: 10.0 and up

Players that download the Dream League Soccer 2021 Mod will be able to enjoy the fun limitless money feature. You may renovate facilities like football grounds and create more spacious, contemporary stands with that money. In addition, you might call on well-known players and improve the maximal power metrics, giving them a remarkable competitive edge. Players can take part in Online mode in addition to Offline mode. You will engage and meet a variety of international teams here.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you get more information about the interesting features of the attractive game Dream League Soccer 2021. Have fun playing the game!